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Arianna Chatzidakis | Contributing Writer | Monday, 6 November 2017


Here’s Why Nike Are Championing 7 Badass Female Artists

The Debrief: Fashion and art meet again.

It's not everyday that a big-name fashion brand joins forces with with some badass up-and-coming female artists. But to launch their new workout pants line Nike Pant Studio, Nike have done exactly that.

To celebrate the launch of the new Nike Pants Studio (each tight has been specifically designed for a different kind of workout), Nike have teamed up with seven cool AF artists who love sport and fitness. These talented gals have whipped up some mega cool art incorporating the pants - see for yourself, below.

Jessie Cave for Nike FLY tight


Doodle-expert Jessie Cave is a bloody genius when it comes to making funny, child-like artwork (just check out her Instagram for proof). We guess that the Nike FLY tights make her feel like she really can fly. Must be the tight's 'tilted shaped waistband', which Jamie Lee said makes for a comfy fit when riding a bike.

Nicole Chui for Nike SCULPT tight


Hong Kong born, but London based visual artist Nicole Chui is a dab hand with photography and hand embroidery. For Nike's collection, she turned dance (a hobby she's had for over ten years), into art. She believed she could 'dare' to challenge herself to do more and switch up her 'normal' routines - and the Nike SCULPT tight's flexibility will help her do exactly that.

Eve De Haan for Nike POWER tight


Eve De Haan creates work that seeks to show the strength in self-expression. In this piece for the Nike POWER tight, she's worked with language and neon lights to show that there's power in expressing yourself - whether that be through sport, fashion or another creative outlet. You could say that us millennials are drawn to neon lights like mosquitos. We just can't get enough.

Joey Yu for Nike PRO pant


Artist and illustrator Joey Yu is never seen without a sketchbook in hand. Nike picked her for her ability to capture life in the moment, and to portray their PRO tights - which are suitable for high-impact, sweat-worthy workouts like netball or basketball.

(Side note: You need to get your hands on a pair of these tights if you're partial to a hardcore workout. Jamie Lee, Nike's Senior Design Director for Women's Training, told us that the new design features 'ultra-breathable material to tackle the sweatiest workout'. Just what you'll need.)

Rose Waterson for Nike BLISS tight


Fine art graduate Rose Waterson creates art that's inspired by the natural form of the mind and body. So naturally, she was the perfect partner for the Nike BLISS tight, which are designed to stretch with your body to mimic natural motion. And her work of a woman in the boxing ring captures the power of the female form.

Tegan Price for Nike SWIFT tight


Known for combining art with fashion to create work that speaks to young female creatives, Tegan Price was tasked with bringing the Nike SWIFT pants to life. She drew inspo from pop culture and magazines to create this aesthetically-pleasing track set.

TopGirl Studio for FLOW

You've probably seen her work on Instagram. In fact, you WILL have seen her work on Instagram, because Top Girl Studio is a true millennial artist. She creates the kind of social artwork that you'd want to tag your mates in. To promote the fluidity and movement in the Nike FLOW pants, she came up with this slick gif, emblazoned with the words 'New girl. Bring it on.' We love.

You can shop Nike's new and improved range of training tights here.

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