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Nice Ski Stuff That Isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Crazy Expensive To Buy

Nice Ski Stuff That Isn't Crazy Expensive To Buy

The Debrief: Shwoop. shwoop.

Disclaimer: I've never actually been skiing. I struggle to use alternate arms and legs in unison during aerobics, so throwing myself down a slippery hill has never really appealed. I did go to a dry practice slope once when I was 9 for a friend's birthday, but I threw up in the car on the way there and never really recaptured my fighting spirit. 

Lots of people actually really like skiing and snowboarding, though, and manage not to fall over and make it look fun. If you are one of those people, or just really like melted cheese and wooden-clad buildings, then you should probably buy some of this cool kit. Admittedly it's not super cheap, but crucially, it's not as insanely expensive as some of the skiwear on the market, so let's go with that. 

Ski jacket, £59.99, H&M

Moon boots, £80, Net-A-Porter

Wool tights, £75, Adidas

Jacket, £95, Topshop Sno, available online this week 

Gloves, £42, Roxy

Ski trousers, £49.99, H&M

Snowboard jacket, £150, Roxy

Snow boots, £80, Adidas

Ski jacket, £250, Net-A-Porter

Salopettes, £95, Topshop Sno, available online this week 

Snowboard helmet, £60, Roxy

Wool top, £95, Adidas

Goggles, £34.99, Snow & Rock 

Ski pants, £235, Net-A-Porter

Gloves, £16, Roxy

Base layer top, 319.99, H&M

 Turtleneck, £12.90, Uniqlo


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