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Paddington, Poodles, And 70s Pants: Here's What We're Already Loving At New York Fashion Week

The Debrief: We're excited about London next week, but there's a whole load of cool stuff happening across the pond first

The start of the AW15 New York shows yesterday means that the one week count-down to our home-grown celebration of all things of fashiony has begun. But let's not ignore the cool stuff going down on the other side of the atlantic over the next week - here's all the other things that have happened so far that you might want to swot up on. Or just stalk on Instagram. 

Coach Made The Checked Jacket Cool Again


These are like a super cool version of what Paddington Bear would wear. With ginormous furry pockets (this is 100% a thing). We're seriously hoping the high street will be inspired by Coach's AW15 coats. 

Poodles Became A Thing


The Discount Universe show was grabbing headlines way before today because the whole thing was entirely crowd sourced - everything from the models to the stylists and designers were voted in via Insagram. This is the future guyyys. But we never imagined that the result would be so bizarrely cool - think mad sequins and acid colours, complete with a massive strutting poodle.   

The First Down's Syndrome Model Walked The Runway


Jamie Brewer, an actress from American Horror Story, made her runway debut yesterday as part of designer Carrie Hammer's Role Models Not Runway Models show. Brewer has Down's Syndrome, and was accompanied on the catwalk by a whole host of awesomely diverse women of all different heights, weights and shapes, including Dr Danielle Sheypuk, who was the first model in a wheelchair on the New York runways.   

New Yorkers Kicked Off The Street Style Inspo


NYC has a knack for offering up super slick street style, and yesterday was no exception. Big dibs to this look. 

Prada Brought Back Silky Boy Pants


Check out these bad boys, which Prada presented at its Iconoclasts party last night. We're thinking they're the perfect thing to wear with a denim shirt once festival season rolls around. Probably not a Prada pair, as Prada doesn't belong in muddy tents. But you get our gist. 

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