Taiba Akhuetie | Contributing Writer | Friday, 10 March 2017

Muji\\\\\\\'s £30 Jeans With A Pocket For Your IPhone Has Changed My Life!

Muji's £30 Jeans With A Pocket For Your iPhone Have Changed My Life

The Debrief: If you hate handbags, these are the jeans for you.

You know when you find something that just works, you wonder how you ever lived without it? Well, that’s how I feel about Muji’s new jeans. 

Back when Levi’s first started producing jeans they decided they needed not one or two but, five pockets. Originally the much maligned fifth pocket had a purpose, it was designed to hold a pocket watch. But, in an age when more of us have smartphones than timepieces, it’s become utterly redundant. Enter: Muji’s denim line that’s designed for the digital age. 

From afar they just look like a nicely cropped pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Nothing ground-breaking, so far. However, up close, hiding behind the back right-hand pocket is a slim pouch that can snuggly hold an iPhone. Keen to wave goodbye to a lifetime crying over our phones’ sliding out of our pockets and into a waiting toilet, we gave them a test drive...

How Do They Fit?

They are available in both boyfriend and skinny silhouettes and have enough elastic mixed in with the cotton so that they have a little stretch in them. 

Does The Smart Pocket Actually Work?

Yes, it’s snug enough to feel like your phone won’t fall out, but large enough that it’s not squeezed in. I tried it with an iPhone 6 and that was the perfect fit. While you may be able to slide in an older, smaller model I’d be surprised if the pocket could fit the larger iPhone 6 Plus. 

Under the glaring light of the studio, with our in-house photographer Marco looking perplexed at me, I did some stretches, some lunges and bent over and not once did my phone fall out. The final test was whether I could sit down without bending and destroying my phone forever. While I could feel it protruding – and won’t lie I sat down lighter than I ever have – it survived and lived on to text another day. 

Final Thoughts…

At first, I was unsure if this was the world’s greatest invention or just another gimmicky sales trick. But, I’m convinced it’s the dream purchase for anyone who likes to leave the house without a handbag. There’s no more squeezing a rectangular object into a square pocket or running the risk of it falling out and crashing to the floor. 

Muji are currently selling them in store from £29.95. 

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