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Model Eve Delf Will Be Huge In 2015, So Let's Dissect Her Style Now To Get Her Look

The Debrief: Because she's one of the next Brit models about to hit the mega-time and she can rock a pair of boots like no other girl we know

There are some girls whose style we love, and then there are some girls whose whole life we buy into. Model Eve Delf  is the latter. She's part of that Brit It pack of models Sam Rollinson, Laura Mullen, Matilda Lowther and Charlotte Wiggins, and is dating Max Davenport (the lead singer of The Propellers), which all adds up to an insanely cool daily routine of gigs, fashion castings and ridiculously beautiful instagram pics.


She's one of the coolest new faces in street style photography, always looking as enviable off duty as on the runway thanks to her laidback look and strong brows - so it's no surprise that she's being pegged as the next big brow beauty on the scene. Bye Cara. 


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We caught up with Eve to find out more about her casual vintage style to help you channel her vibe too... 

Ride 'em Like A Cowgirl


'I'm obsessed with Western and cowboy themes, so the Chanel Dallas collection from pre-fall 2014 inspires my look a lot,' Eve tells us. If you want to get the look yourself, search eBay for vintage cowboy boots - they look a lot better battered about than brand new.   

Welcome To My Wardrobe


'I like having one really colourful piece in each of my outfits, like my Vivienne Westwood rucksack, or my DKNY sunglasses, rather than going overboard on lots of accessories. No outfit in my wardrobe is complete without a brilliant pair of boots, though,' says Eve. 

Get A Little Help From My Friends


'I live with three of my best friends, who all happen to be models and have equally brilliant style, so it's hard to say who inspires me the most. I share clothes with my friends, my boyfriend and my mum - she's really stylish, great for sharing clothes and shopping with,' says Eve. 

When In Doubt Look To Lana 


'Lana Del Rey has a beautiful style and it's often got the Western theme that I love,' says Eve. 'I think Taylor Swifts dresses beautifully too, I can't get enough of a red lip.' While it's still freezing outside, perhaps avoid the hotpants, and go for ripped jeans and a plaid shirt instead.

And Fon't Forget The Awesomeness Of The Eighties


'Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally during her 80s era is another big inspiration for me,' explains Eve. 'It was just the best.' We love the printed shirt under a tailored blazer look, which you could rough up with a pair of torn skinnies and boots. 

If You Want My Look Scour Vintage Shops


'I spend a lot of time planning my outfits if I'm going to a party or an event, although I'd say I also spend some time making outfits especially eccentric if I'm just going food shopping. I love shopping in Liberty and Selfridges, but I also adore Stoke Newington's Church Street for all of its vintage shops,' says Eve. You heard the girl, Stoke Newington is where it's at for cowgirls at heart. 

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