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Meet Hannah Dodd The New Face Of Burberry, Now Let Her Show You Her Wardrobe

The Debrief: Because 2015 is going to be a huge year for this model, we want to know how she gets dressed

When we watched Romeo Beckham's adorable Christmas ad for Burberry, we obviously swooned over how cute he is, but we were also distracted by the super babe with the freckles and golden hair who starred along side him. Meet Hannah Dodd, who is just 19, and when she isn't swirling her umbrella alongside Romeo, she is studying full time at a performing arts school. We're so crushy over Hannah's personal style, which has a bit of an off-duty dancer vibe to it. 'I like to keep my look pretty comfy and casual most of the time, jeans and jumpers are my go to items for my dance training days,' Hannah tells us, 'but when I go out I love a good tall heel, and tailored shorts.' 


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We took a peep inside Hannah's wardrobe, and her super fit, creative life as an all singing all dancing model to give you some inspo on how to get her look. 

Wear Your Leather Jacket 24/7


'I pretty much put my leather jacket with everything, it completes every outfit,' says Hannah. We love the padded shoulder detailing going on here. 

Monogrammed Accessories Are The Way Forward


'Generally I don't accessorize all that much, but I have a few key pieces that I love, like my watch, and if I'm going out i'll add some earrings or a ring,' says Hannah. 'I'm also obsessed with my Burberry scarf that I was just given for Christmas, which has my initials on it.' Well we're just a tiny bit jealous of that one, aren't we. 

Remain True To Your Brit Roots 


'British designers really inspire my style, like Victoria Beckham, Burberry, naturally, and Christopher Kane.'

She Dreams Of A Bigger Closet, Just Like Us


This pic is so familiar - we've all been there. 'I hate how tiny my wardrobe is because I'm still living in halls. Plus, what with dancing all day, most of it is taken over by work-out gear and sportswear...having an older sister is great though because it's like having two wardrobes!'  

Don't Forget The High Street Heroes


You're just as likely to find Hannah in her Nike trainers with a bag from Toppers as you will find her polished in her Burberry get-up. 'I like to mix my look from a whole bunch of high street stores, I love going to Topshop, Zara and Miss selfridge but also H&M and New Look for the real steals.'

Make Knitwear Your Friend


'I have a selection of huge jumpers that I throw on all the time - but I'm also in love with my trench coat that I got while shooting the festive campaign.' We love that Hannah looks just as happy in a hoodie and a thick knit as she does in a super brand trench coat. 

Goldie Locks 


One of our major crush points is Hannah's golden waves. She's basically Rapunzel. 

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