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Lily Melrose Gives Us The Low-Down On Her Style

Lily Melrose Gives Us The Low-Down On Her Style

The Debrief: We chat midi-skirts, slogan tees and how leather jackets are everything

If you don't know Lily Melrose yet a) where the hell have you been? And b) bookmark this girl immediately - she's about to become a favourite.

For me it’s her cool and simple style with just a whiff of girlyness that I’m drawn to - maybe because it isn’t worlds away from my own style. But judging my her incredible following, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Since started her blog LLYMLRS in 2009 (oh and her YouTube channel in 2012), she’s gained a causual 60,000 Bloglovin’ subscribers, over 64,000 followers on Twitter and more than 167,000 YouTubers subscribers. Plus, she recently announced that she’s writing a book called ‘Just Blog It! Things I Wish I’d Know Before I Started Blogging’ which is a guide for anyone wanting to get into blogging. Over achiever much? 

I’m a sucker for trawling Instagram and blogs for style inspo and new research from TK Maxx has shown that you probably are too. They found that social media is now one of the most influential sources for style with over a third of people say that seeing what others wear on social media inspires us to try something new. So it was only natural that we caught up with Lily, one of the biggest bloggers right now, to get the low down on her look via her instagram feed. Take notes people... 

A Leather Jacket Is My Wardrobe Staple

Lily Melrose

‘I could not live without my leather jacket. Literally can’t live without it. It goes with everything. I think everyone has a leather jacket that they just love and wear to death. I actually picked it up really randomly when I was in the market for a jacket and it’s become an absolute staple.’

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Up Different Styles

Lily Melrose

‘My look is kind of girly and edgy at the same time. I like the mixture between things that are really feminine and fun, and then wearing it with something like a leather jacket and leather boots. That’s kind of my whole style vibe.’

 I’m All About The Slogan Tees ATM

Lily Melrose

‘I’m obsessed with slogan t-shirts, I love really sassy ones. I got this one the other day that says ‘Mother Of Dragons’ like Game of Thrones-esque which I love so much.’ 

I Love TK Maxx For Designer Gems


‘It’s always worth having some time to look because you can find amazing brands and designer labels at a real discount. Recently I picked up this amazing white lace skirt, black vest and silver bag combo, all for a great price. I got some really cool plaid shirts and designer jeans which were a bargain too.'

I’m A Big Hat Fan

Lily Melrose

I love my hats so much. I think a hat is real big statement piece and I think that it’s a really cool way to just kind of add a little extra touch to your outfit. I can’t be bothered to do my hair most of the time so I’m like ‘I’m going to wear a hat because it looks cool!’ It’s really awkward when it’s windy though; I feel like I’m forever chasing it down the street because it always blows off!

Midi Skirts Are The Best


‘I used to be unsure about midi skirts because I’m about 5 ft 5 and I worried that they’d make me look shorter, but I actually really like them. I like the ones that have the slits in the sides because they don’t hit me at an awkward length so much and it still shows off a bit of leg.' 

Incorporate Trends Into Your Wardrobe By Picking Out The Bits You Like

Lily Melrose

‘I’m not hugely into the 70s trend but I really like the folky kind of hippy vibe that it has in some pieces. I like aspects of it so I try to work the bits that I do like into my everyday wardrobe like the fedora and I love chunky platforms. I absolutely love off the shoulder tops too. So I tweak it to fit my own taste.’

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