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Let This Gang Of Instagram Fashion Girls Show You How To Wear Head To Toe White

The Debrief: Better get yourself some good stain remover

It’s so bloody cold. And the shops are full of tiny white crocheted things that look so unbelievably cute but are just a totally nonsensical idea. You can’t even wear them over tights. That shouldn’t put you off wearing white in winter though – do it right, and it will brighten up your pasty face, doing all that light reflecting shit that people talk about.

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Here’s some street style and Inst inspo to give you some ideas of how to wear white successfully while it’s still cold. And you don’t even need to put on any fake tan. 

Pick One Bright Colour For Everything Other Than Your Clothes


This look wouldn’t seem so strong if the bag and trainers didn’t match so beautifully. Plus, the teal is an unusual choice – try other slightly off kilter shades like coral, lime green or raspberry pink. 

White Leather Is Sexy Now


Ten years ago if you told me white leather was a good look, I’d have raised an eyebrow. But it doesn’t have to look cheap. Topshop has got a really sexy leather white jacket right now, which will look great with a white T under it like this. 

Make Every Single Thing You’re Wearing White 


Total white-out is super striking when you do it right. I’m kind of irritated by that tiny pink phone case in this pic, and I’m not so sure about those metallic shoes either, but look how great the rest of the all white tailoring thing is. Try and pick fabrics that don’t crease too badly – avoid linen – as creases will detract from the sleekness. Possibly the simplest way for you to wear white. Wear white. All white. 

Dye Your Hair White Too 


The white (ever, ever so slightly lilac) bob is the cherry on the top to this white outfit. DON’T try and do it yourself. Go to a decent salon where they know what they’re doing. 

Wear The LBD With Lara Croft Boots 


This girly little dress is made so much cooler by the contrast with the black, rugged boots. Wear this on a night out, and just deal with the fact your legs are going to freeze. OK, so you might need some fake tan for this one. 

Wear With Heritage Fabrics 


All white always looks super modern, so there’s a nice contrast when you pair it with tweed, Prince of Wales checks, houndstooth and tartan. A bright neck scarf like this red patterned one will add an extra bit of interest – try and find a random vintage one that has a bit of a cowboy vibe to it. 

Pictures: Jason Lloyd-Evans 

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