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Thank God It's Payday! Now Let These Fashion Faces Show You What To Buy This Month

Florrie h&m jeans

The Debrief: Our payday panel will give you some shopping inspo

Photographs by Jonny Cochrane & Morgane Lay

Payday is heeeeere, people. Get excited. Not sure what to spend your pay packet on? Well in the spirit of our denim obsession this week for #debriefdoesdenim, we reckon you should buy either a pair of banging jeans, or something awesome to go with all the amazing denim things you already own. 

Want some inspo? We asked our payday panel what they will be buying now that the money has rolled in. Check out their top picks... 

Florrie, Singer & Drummer

Florrie, Singer, Songwriter, and Drummer

Her Payday Pick: Jacket, £49.99, H&M

Why Buy Now: 'I love the sparkles on this jacket, they make it such a great day to night option, which I always love because I need things that allow me to go from the studio to meetings, and then maybe to a gig afterwards,' says Florrie. 'I always say that I'm going to shop a bit here and there, but I tend to end up going on a big mission to get everything I need and end up taking like twenty things into the changing rooms at a time.' Very payday spirited. Florrie, we salute you. 

Yanin Namasonthi, Founder of I Dress Myself

Kit Lee, Founder of Style Slicker

Her Payday Pick: Jumper, £160, Iris & Ink at

Why Buy Now: 'I've never really worn cashmere before, but I recently discovered the ridiculous difference between normal sweaters and cashmere!' says Yanin. 'They last forever, they're so soft and cosy, and the quality difference is worth paying for, especially if you live in a cold country like the U.K.' Couldn't agree more. And what about the soft shade of grey? 'Grey is so complimentary, it looks amazing with red lipstick, or a classic cat-eye beauty look.'   

Lilah Parsons, TV presenter

Lilah Parsons, TV presenter

Her Payday Pick: Jeans, £270, J Brand

Why Buy Now: 'I wear boyfriend jeans to parties, with heels and a blazer and shirt,' explains Lilah; 'because they don't look try-hard, and you can wear them with Converse just as easily.' Lilah tells us that she gets a lot of her style inspo from Instagram, even when it comes to simple denim looks. 'These J Brand ones are a pair you would save up for, but it's good to have a mix of brands when it comes to your jeans, because the high street does great jeans too.'

Kit Lee, Founder of Style Slicker

Yanin Namasonthi, Founder of I Dress Myself

Her Payday Pick: T shirt, £90, Adidas X Mary Katrantzou 

Why Buy Now: 'It's very important to have investment pieces,' Kit tells us. 'I love colour, and I'm quite sporty too, so I'd wear this T shirt with jeans, shorts, even bikini bottoms!' she laughs. 'Scuba fabrics are very on trend right now, the thickness of it is reassuring because you know you're buying a really good quality piece, plus it will keep you warmer than a normal T shirt, which is good for Spring.' 

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Photographs by Jonny Cochrane & Morgane Lay

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