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Wearing This Grunge Trend Kurt Cobain Glasses

Have You Noticed Everyone Is Wearing This Grunge Trend?

The Debrief: Maybe, it’s just us but every other girl on Instagram seems to be wearing them

It is no secret the late, great grunge God Kurt Cobain was a style icon. So, it’s little wonder that fashion has yet to give up the ghost. If accessories are your catnip then you’ll have noticed that every other girl on Instagram has got the memo about these 90s-inspired sunglasses. A little modish, these bulbous full-framed acetate shades are a definitive nod to Kurt Cobain. Nirvana’s main man, who wore a pair by Christian Roth, made them an emblem of his androgynous, no-shits-given style. Today, the girls rolling deep in the $$$ are probably wearing the £240 White Mustang’s from Acne Studios, if not they are undoubtedly a riff on them. As long as they come equipped with round acetate frames then who cares if they cost 100 quid or £10 from Amazon? As a firm believer that shades are life – not just summer – we advise getting in on this trend now.  

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Credit: Instagram @coradelaney

Mussed up hair, old tee? No matter, just make like this season’s grunge-y style icon Kurt Cobain and make alien specs your ride-or-die.

Giving Side-Eye

Credit: Instagram @carolabernard

Everyone knows that sunglasses on and your hood up is a walking ‘do not disturb’ sign, but that wouldn’t stop us running after Carola Bernard to ask her where her sunnies are from. 

A Squeeze Of Lime

Credit: Instagram @andreavandall

Don’t limit yourself to white or black, try a tangy lime pair. They’ll lift your look on a sunny winters day and make your tan standout come summer. We call that a win-win. 

Seeing Stars

Credit: Instagram @mynamesdiana

Diana Veras made her sunnies the star of this chilly-day outfit with celestial stamped edges and rose-hued lens. 

Bugged Out

Credit: Instagram @lauralahaden

Anteros’ singer Laura Hayden makes hers pop with a cowboy scarf and studded jacket. Easy as. 

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