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A Definitive Timeline Of Kim Kardashian\\\\\\\'s 10-Year Wardrobe Overhaul

A Definitive Timeline Of Kim Kardashian's 10-Year Wardrobe Overhaul

The Debrief: Keeping Up With Kim K’s ever-evolving fashion sense…

It’s hard to imagine a time without it, but there’s still something quite shocking about the fast-approaching 10th anniversary of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Have we seriously been watching Kim throw hissy fits about lost diamond earrings and too-naked naked photoshoots for 10 YEARS?!?! Why yes, yes we have (or we will have come KUWTK’s official 10-year on 14 October), but those are far from the only things we’ve witnessed. Perhaps the most spectacular transformation we’ve kept up with is Mrs Kardashian West’s ever-changing style. 

Behold, the evolution of Kimmy K’s wardrobe, from babydoll to bandage, Balmain and beyond… 

The Babydoll 

Of course, Kim was exiting celebrity hotspot Les Deux when this pap shot was taken – she was probably only a couple of steps behind the cast of The Hills. There’s something quite sweet about the colourful print of her babydoll frock, not to mention the matchy-matchy vibe of her handbag and peep-toe heels. 2007 Kim at Les Deux = not too dissimilar to 2007 us at our school disco.

The ‘I Mean Business’

Well, she is Kris Jenner’s daughter, so it’s not entirely surprising that Kim wanted to show who’s boss in this waistcoat and trews combo for a 2007 BET Awards party. 

The Bandage

Kim must have had shares in Herve Leger in the late 00s. Seriously.

The Juicy

An icon wearing an icon. The Juicy sweatsuit, preferably in pink velour, was the only athleisure to be seen in circa 2007.

The Safari Chic

Try to ignore the fact that Kim’s at a birthday party for Big Mac; she’s also owning those overalls. We might just have to take inspiration from this look for our next Ibiza trip. Maybe with less bangles.

The post scandal re-birth 

Sometimes in life, you have to distance yourself from a scandal via the medium of clothing. In this case, while attending the 2008 Teen Choice Awards in a positively virginal prom dress, Kim is saying, ‘Parents, ignore what you’ve heard, I am a great role model for your teenage daughters.’ Or something like that.

The Dress Code Said ‘Smart Casual’…

…so Kim went for jeans and a nice top, didn’t she? Note, this was at a Blackberry launch party, and we all know KKW was the phone’s number one fan.

The ‘I’m Dating Kanye West, And He’s Thrown Out All My Old Clothes’

Remember on KUWTK when Kim admitted that Kanye had gotten his hands on her wardrobe? We like to think this velvet jumpsuit, which Kim wore on one of their earliest trips together in London, was one of the first looks he styled. It just has that regal Yeezus air about it, don’t you think?

The Pregnancy

Kim has made no secret of the fact she hated being pregnant, particularly the first time around, when her growing bump was regularly encased in bodycon frocks and way higher heels than we’d care to totter in without a tiny person inside of us. But, of course, her most recognisable (and meme-d) pregnancy look was the floral Givenchy gown Kim wore to the 2013 Met Gala. 

The Post-Baby Bod

Kim’s go-to designer post-North was Atsuko Kudo, the London-based latex queen responsible for many a slick, skin-tight Kardash look. Think of all the lube she must have gone through slipping into those frocks. You could never accuse Keeks of lacking dedication to a look.

The Mrs Yeezy

Nothing says ‘I love my husband’ quite like wearing a see-through body stocking from his latest collection.

The Balmainia


Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing considers Kim his ultimate muse and thankfully the love is mutual. While she’s been wearing Balmain for as long as we can remember, her obsession seemed to peak between 2014 and 2015, and she’s undoubtedly part of the reason the house’s 2015 H&M collaboration was so coveted. Let’s not forget Olivier’s collaboration with Kanye’s Yeezy label in 2016, plus Kimye’s Balmain Met Gala looks that same year. 

The Pregnancy: Reloaded

KKW’s bump-baring Givenchy look at New York Fashion Week in September 2015 is nothing short of iconic. Hi, Saint, we see you!

The Post-Baby Bod: Reloaded 


Kim’s post-Saint looks have been all about one thing: showing off that gym-honed bod. Taking underwear as outerwear to extremes, Keeks appears to have forgotten her top altogether, but TBF it does get pretty hot in New York in July. 

The ‘You’re Wondering If I Just Worked Out In Heels, Aren’t You?’ 

Why yes, yes we are, Kim. 

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