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The Unexpected Shoe To Wear With Sweatpants According To Celebrities

The Unexpected Shoe To Wear With Sweatpants According To Celebrities

The Debrief: According to Kendall, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski that is

What shoe do you wear with sweatpants? A sneaker, probably. A heel if you’re feeling fancy. But, a boot, probably not? However, if you’re the type of celebrity that gets the gossip mags drooling and the fashion girls fawning, then there’s only one shoe to choose from: a high-heeled, pointed-toe calf-grazing boot.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have made a habit of shocking with their clothing choices. However, it’s usually because they’ve left their bras at home or done something so bonkers the Daily Mail is in meltdown, like wear a crop top. But, actually, this time, they have worn something quite head scratching. 


Kendall, who has fallen for this trend so hard she’s worn it more than once, was an early adopter of this styling trick. The model has made an art form of tucking her ballooning trews into a pair of ankle boots. She’s done it with snakeskin shoes and side-striped pants, and chocolate-coloured velour trackies and lace-up Yeezy’s. The look flirts with juxtaposition and gives the ungainly amount of sweatpant fabric a funnel to be slimmed in to. 


Let's go @aclu_nationwide (and the Dodgers, duh)

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Kim Kardashian debuted her rendition of Kendall’s outfit just yesterday. She slipped the hem of her black joggers into pointed snakeskin kitten heels. And, in a similar move, Emrata paired her Adidas sweats with sharp-toed white boots. They say, three is a trend, so maybe this styling trick really is worth a go… 

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