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Katherine Hamnett’s ‘Choose NHS’ Slogan Tee Is One We Can Get Behind

Katherine Hamnett’s ‘Choose NHS’ Slogan Tee Is One We Can Get Behind

The Debrief: Fashion’s provocateur is back with badass political tops

With one day to go until the public turn out to vote in the general election, the party battle lines have been drawn. And, one which became ever more current in the wake of this past months' terror attack touches on the future of the NHS. Funding cuts, stagnant pay and doctors lured overseas have all made the NHS a massive feature of this election And in the wake of the emergency services fast, life-saving actions in Manchester and London, it’s become more transparent how reliant we are on their work. 

Designer Katherine Hamnett has risked everything to put her political point across throughout her career. Whether it’s championing a greener future or accosting Margaret Thatcher in a provocative slogan top, her opinions are her USP. So, it’s no surprise that the lady who made a t-shirt reading ‘Use A Condom’, has chosen this moment to highlight the importance of a free health care service for all. 

‘Save The NHS Vote Labour’ and ‘No Tuition Fees Vote Labour’ are just two of the refrains stamped in block letters across Hamnett’s campaign t-shirt collection. Each item top costs £19 and is made from 100% organic cotton in a wind-powered factory. Proceeds from the sales of these low-carbon emission tops will be donated to the Momentum campaign. 

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