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Karl Lagerfeld\\\'s Cat Earned More Than Us Last Year. About Two Million Quid More

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Earned More Than Us Last Year. About Two Million Quid More.

The Debrief: The little fluffy beastie earned around the same amount as top model Cara Delevingne

Karl Lagerfeld's favourite fluffball, his celebrity cat Choupette (which looks a little like a Bond villian puss - just sayin') has reached new levels of ridiculous. She already had a makeup line, her own Instagram account and her own two maids to make sure her fur is brushed and her eyes are sparkly, but now her income has reached a phenomenal $4.2 dollars. Yep. You heard us. That's about two million quid, just last year. 

Lagerfeld told The Cut that Choupette had done just two jobs in the last twelve months to earn the colossal sum, which is around the same amount that Cara legs-on-every-catwalk-and-face-on-every-advert Delevingne took home last year. Choupette earned her dough by modelling for a German car company, and from her Shu Uemura makeup endorsement, which we're guessing weren't too taxing for her delicate little paws. 

Sorry to all of you working your ass of every day. Maybe get a cat?

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