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An In-Depth Examination Of Justin Bieber\\\\\\\'s Sartorial Choices In 2016

An In-Depth Examination Of Justin Bieber's Sartorial Choices In 2016

The Debrief: Is it too late now to say sorry to PETA for that giant fur coat? And other Justin Bieber fashion moments from the past year…

Justin Bieber has had something of an experimental 2016 when it comes to his fashion choices, which all came to a head when he stepped out in a giant fur coat and Terry Richardson-style specs earlier this week, looking a little eccentric to say the least. While PETA are understandably up in arms about the whole thing, we'd like to use it as an excuse to look back at Biebs' biggest style statements of the year. 

Camouflage Justin Bieber

Like, how can we still see him? How did the paparazzi find him? He’s wearing camouflage! Also, shout-out to Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble sneaking in on the side there – we know he was Justin’s bodyguard first, but he’ll always be momager’s man to us.

High Fash Justin Bieber

What else would you wear to a Saint Laurent party, if not a jazzy Saint Laurent bomber jacket? The only thing that could have made this even better was if Justin had some matching silky pyjama bottoms. Hugh Hefner eat your heart out.

Justin Bieber The Caped Crusader

Maybe Justin knows something we don’t and caping will be the new shoulder robing in 2017. Or maybe he just realised he was dressed like a referee and wanted to distract us.

Justin Bieber Squared

This photo of Biebs and little brother Jaxon at the Grammys is pretty much everything. We like to think Jax did the styling, as this is probably the suavest Justin has ever looked.

Ooh La La, Justin Bieber!

Y’know how everyone wants to dress like a French girl? JB wants to dress like a French man, but he couldn’t find a beret, so had to go for a flat cap instead. Maybe.

Justin Bieber Raided Redfoo’s Wardrobe

Remember Redfoo of LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It fame? He seems like a generous guy who would lend Justin some of his leopard print. That’s obviously the only plausible explanation for this outfit.

Date Us, Justin Bieber

Look how well he scrubbed up for a little night out at The Nice Guy in February! Sure, we’re not 100% sold on the really light trousers, but we wouldn’t say no if he tried to buy us a drink at the bar. In fact, if Justin was our boyfriend, we’d never let him go.

Barefoot Justin Bieber


Sometimes you just want to feel free, even if that means taking off your shoes in a public park and feeding some squirrels. Biebs is still being pretty stylish while doing so, with his Thrasher hoodie and ankle-zip jeans, despite his filthy feet.

Scandi Justin Bieber

He’s got the grey coat and the perfectly ice blonde hair going on. JB is practically Swedish.

Saggy Crotch Justin Bieber

Not much to say about this one, other than that is one low-hanging pair of trousers. His bum must be freezing. High School Musical Justin Bieber He’s sooooooarin’, flyyyyyying… What, you don’t think that ‘W’ on his jacket stands for ‘Wildcats’?

Kilted Justin Bieber

In case you couldn’t guess, JB was performing in Glasgow when he whipped on a kilt, though obviously decided against being a true Scotsman. Sigh.

The Justin Bieber PETA Now Hates

twitter/ outlander

Depending on how you look at it, Justin either ended 2016 on a sartorial high or low. His fur coat, Burberry jacket and specs he clearly doesn’t need are so fash-un it hurts, but everyone knows wearing real fur is bad, with animal rights charity PETA labelling him “a self-absorbed, childish show-off”. Also, is it really that cold in California, Just?

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