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It's The Last Pay Day Of 2014, So Let This Panel Of Fashion Girls Help You Spend It Wisely

The Debrief: Our Payday Panel is know exactly which bits you should be investing in NOW for 2015

Photographed by Jonny Cochrane

December payday has arrived, just in time for Christmas. Brilliant. Now we're pretty certain that you've already eaten into a chunk of your paypacket because of all the Xmas gifts you've bought, and you know you're also going to have to make this pay packet last until January's one, so anything you do buy this payday needs to be totally, ridiculously and utterly irresistible. 

Well, let our team of sassy savvy fash-gals help you out with which pieces are worth repeatedly eating beans on toast for the whole of January. 

Phoebe Lettice, Creative Director of Illustrated People 


Her Payday Pick: T Shirt, £110, Marc By Marc Jacobs at

Why Buy Now: 'The new direction that the Marc by Marc brand is going in is awesome, I loved this whole collection, and this T shirt goes so perfectly with the adidas trousers I got recently. It's a great piece to let you channel that whole biker, slightly gothic thing going on - I'd like to wear it with plaits in my hair. I wear a tonne of T shirts too, especially boys T shirts, and this one is similarly baggy - it's a really comfortable shape.'

Becky Tong, DJ


Her Payday Pick: Jumper, £270, Bella Freud

Why Buy Now: 'I tend to make a wishlist on e-stores and wait until the end of the month before I spend. Bella Freud makes amazing jumpers, they're the sort of jumper that you wear out as a proper statement 'piece' and the slogans she puts on them are so cool. It doesn't just feel like another boring jumper, plus they're made from wool and cashmere, so while they're a bit more expensive, they're totally worth it during winter.' 

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Bertie Brandes, Fashion Editor


Her Payday Pick: Dress, £307.89, Marques Almeida at

Why Buy Now: 'This Marques Almeida tunic is my perfect payday splurge because you can wear it over anything and with any degree of hangover. Personally I like it with this pair of suede flares I stole from Shakira’s closet circa 'Wherever, Whenever'. Dress it down with a polo neck or T-shirt underneath, which you can then whip off and flash your armpits once the clock strikes 7pm. Also denim is really easy to maintain so you’ll end up wearing it 100 times more often than that ostrich feather boob tube you splurged on last month.'

Harriet Verney, Writer and Stylist


Her Payday Pick: Top, £315, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Why Buy Now: 'I love Westwood, she makes things that suit my figure and I always rely on her when I don't know what to wear. This top really shows off your collar bone, and depending on what print you buy, a Westwood top can last forever. If you don't go shopping much, like me - most of my clothes come from charity shops or from eBay - then when you do buy something you want to be sure that it's really flattering.'

Photographed by Jonny Cochrane

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