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If You're A Denim Fan Then You Need To Insta-Stalk Erin McQuinn Of Bad Denim Immediately

The Debrief: The founder of east London's coolest new denim shop, Bad Denim, has a feed full of incredible stuff that we're perving over daily...

Not been to Bad Denim yet? Its owner, Erin McQuinn, is definitely what you could call a expert on the subject, having worked in denim production for ten years before deciding to open her own shop in east London. It's a mecca for denim enthusiasts, with an instagram full of amazing stuff to buy, as well as retro shots of denim fashion stories, and all round denim-y goodness. 

Check out why we reckon you should start following Bad Denim, like now. 

She Shows Us Denim Like We've Never Seen Before

bad denim instagram

Err hello jacket of many many hands with cute finger nail polish. To anyone who thinks denim is boring, I give you this. 

For The Retro Cowgirl Pics

Bad Denim Instagram

This has got to be the American dream shot of denim, right here. It gives us major outfit inspo. Just need to find a stetson... 

She Makes Denim Arty

Bad Denim Instagram

Erin has a knack for finding old denim shots that reinvent our idea of the standard jean, as if they're works of art. These babies are a masterpiece. Makes us want to take a paintbrush to our own. 

She Looks Incred In Dungas

Bad Denim Instagram

Sometimes Erin posts pics of her wearing the more wearable stuff in store, and she's great at giving inspo for how you should wear the denim you already own, like pairing your big black clompy shoes with some pale dungarees. Simple, but effective. 

You Get To See Pairs Upon Pairs Of Jeans

Bad Denim Instagram

Maybe everyone should have a jeans wall. No? Then just check out Erin's. 

This Patchwork Pic 

Bad Denim Instagram

How awesome are these patchwork cut off flares? Very. Very awesome indeed. We love seeing the one-offs that Erin unearths. 

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