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Camille Charrière | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 13 October 2015

If Python Boots Are Hot, Then Python Boots It Is!

The Debrief: Win a £100 River Island gift card and get A/W footwear tips from Camille Charrière of Camille Over The Rainbow and River Island's A/W Footwear collection. #IMWEARINGRI #RIAW15

I’m (vaguely) aware that my immediate entourage (the commuter, the lover, the Starbucks vendor) doesn’t always appreciate my foray into the world of editorial-wear. In fact, I have accepted that my plight in life is to have my sartorial guises misinterpreted by those around me.

Case in point, this season’s latest: I think I’m channeling Gucci FW15. The commuter, alas, sees Pretty Woman circa 1990… The runway doesn’t make life easy for us. Hashtag shit fashion girls say. But if python boots are hot, then python boots it is! See below to win a £100 River Island gift card.

Camille Charrière style River Island's AW15 footwear

And now that I have located the perfect pair for you (cheers, River Island!), here are a few tips to avoid the stink eye on your daily coffee run.

Over the knee skirts, for one. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: they are the perfect counter-argument to any ‘Viv-about-to-screw-Gere’ unspoken thoughts directed my way by those who are not in the know about the return of the knee-high. Plus, they are very Fall-friendly.

Another fail-safe solution is culottes. High boots will help add a little femininity to this quintessentially chic shape that can sometimes look like something stolen out of your little brother’s closet. Spread the word!


Camille Charrière style River Island's AW15 footwear



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