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We Tried On The Comfiest Casualwear From Hush So You Don’t Have To

We Tried On The Comfiest Casualwear From Hush So You Don’t Have To

The Debrief: That you can (maybe) even get away with wearing to the office

I’m firm in the belief that loungewear has a place in every situation you’ll find yourself in this season. Eaten the everything in sight in the run-up to Christmas? Put on your loungewear. Hungover mess from Halloween? Put on your loungewear. Snoozed your alarm till 8:30 am because it’s too fucking dark outside and can’t find your work clothes? Get. It. On.    

Luckily for us (and our careers TBH), casual specialists hush make that turning up to work in loungewear (sort of) acceptable (unless you work somewhere *really* fancy. I don’t.). Why? Because their remit is nice laid-back clothes you’d absolutely not feel comfortable dribbling spaghetti on of a Sunday. Here’s what we thought of their new season pieces.

1. The Comfiest Wet-Looks The World Has Ever Seen

hush, Braid Jumper, £125; hush, Leather Leggings, £345

It makes a nice change to be able to walk in wet-look trousers without the overriding feeling something terrible’s about to happen – like them splitting at the seams to reveal my bristly autumn legs, or showing off my inappropriate pants. These are without doubt the comfiest I’ve ever tried on. And khaki. Fancy! IMHO this whole outfit (MINUS THE SHOES) is ideal for when you’re a bit cold and you want to look like you’ve made a sort of effort to get dressed, while still being veeeery cosy.

2. Anyone Else Really Feeling Statement Sweaters And Not Sure Why?

hush, Love Jumper, £85; hush, Stretch Silk Trouser, £125

The other day I found myself in a changing room dressed in a head to toe scarlet outfit, complete with earrings and nail varnish because I’d got FAR TOO EXCITED about the whole red trend. I looked ridiculous. This outfit’s more much more sensible and shows you’re up to speed with this season’s hottest colour, yet understated - and this coupled with a statement jumper kills (not literally) two trends with one stone. 

3. Lil J Meets Millennial Pink

hush, Atalana Tunic, £55; hush, Posey Shirt Dress, £65

My first thought when seeing these boots were they’re a bit Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl season 2).  This whole look took me straight back to when I thought I was trendy at AF at school but actually spent my Friday night in a cold park wearing a hoody and cheersing Smirnoff Ice, only with a 2017 millennial pink twist. I love it. 


hush, Metallic Stripe Sweat Top, £49; hush, Dahlia Dress, £69

Those of you who, like me, spent all summer getting judged for wearing all-black everything in the scorching hot sun will be pleased to learn it’s now VERY COLD, and therefore *finally* socially acceptable again. So this outfit spoke to me.I usually avoid polka dot like I do my weekly morning spin class, but I’ll let this one off because of the aforementioned lack of colour.

5. The PJs Of Dreams

hush x Refuge, Nightsky Flannel Pyjama Set, £60; hush, Boyfriend Jeans, £75

I wouldn’t condone donning the above too far out the parameters of your own home, but we’d definitely recommend you purchase some of hush’s pyjama sets. The brand has just launched a partnership with charity Refuge, hush x Refuge, whereby one pair of PJs purchased = one night in a refuge for a woman and her children. And the pyjamas are hella comfy. 

6. I Want To Sleep Forever In These Trousers

hush, Andes Bell Sleeve Top, £89; hush, Erin Panel Trousers, £65 

This is probably my favourite of all the looks, purely because I’m a huge fan of the red and pink vibe. And these trousers were so ridiculously comfortable - they made me want to curl up and have a lovely little nap in the changing room. (I didn’t).


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