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How To Wear A Duvet Coat (With Step-By-Step Instructions From Fashion's Coolest Girls)

The Debrief: Because there are storms and snow, and nothing else will cut it...

It’s a dreamy idea that as soon as January 1st hits we can rip off our jumpers and drape ourselves in the whisps of broderie anglaise that immediately appear in the shops. Except it’s fantasy. I still cannot work out how this stock strategy is sensible. Pump in your daisy dukes in March, maybe, but I am yet to see a woman in a shop in January buying a kaftan. 

Between this week’s snow warnings and storm threats I figured you might want some style inspo for something a bit more substantial, like, err, a coat. And no ordinary coat. A full-on duvet coat. Weirdly, it’s not just a practical, temperature led trend – we've seen a tonne of models wearing them, and they seem to have become a bit of a fashion thing. 

Let these insta inspo girls show you how to wear one without that michelin man effect…

Go Colourful Or Go Home


If you’re going to wear a big, puffed up coat, you might as well make it a striking one. This jacket in the perfect crayola shade of blue is ideal for helping you do a colour blocked look while staying warm. Keep your underneath layers dark, and let the coat and your accessories be the exciting bits. 

Try Black From Head To Toe


This girl looks like a really cosy ninja. There’s something slimming and sleek about wearing black, so that the coat doesn’t look quite as inflated. If you can’t quite wear all black (I’m allergic to the idea) then try a white shirt to lighten up the top half, and add a neon handbag. 

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Wear With Soft, Sports Luxe


Just because you’re wearing a huge, structured coat, doesn’t mean you have to wear stiff woolen trousers – the duvet coat looks great worn over flowy, loose, sporty styles. A duvet coat also doesn’t have to be entirely androgynous or tomboyish – a metallic or pastel style will give a girly edge. 

Wear Over Prints


The printed scarf (or roll neck – you can’t quite tell) looks so great with this padded, cropped jacket because it picks up the colour of the coat, adding a bit of detail to that big block of colour. The mustard shade is a good choice to make it feel wearable in winter and early spring. You could try adding patterned gloves to add more interesting prints, or even patterned trousers. 

Rock A Headscarf


I wouldn’t have expected a headscarf to look so stylish with a padded coat, but OMG this look is awesome. Big respect for the matching sweater sleeves peeping out, and the contrasting handbag. Pick up a cheap silky scarf from Hennes and wrap up like you’re hopping into a 1950s convertible, only warmer.

Wear Over A Cropped Top


If I had abs like those, I’d probably find the warmest coat I could and wear it over a cropped top so I could strip off once in a club. The bonus of a ridic cosy coat is that you don’t necessarily need to wear a lot underneath – a good combo for a cold walk to the tube before a night out. If you don’t fancy a cropped top, try a slinky cami instead. 

Burgundy coat, £40, Topshop, black furry trimmed coat, £99.95, Gap, jacket, £49.99, H&M, navy coat, bronze coat, £79.90, Uniqlo

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