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How To Become A Hat Person

How To Become A Hat Person

The Debrief: You wear the hat, the hat doesn't wear you

Hats are like the Marmite of the accessory world  - you either love them or you hate them, and you're either a 'hat person' or you're not. Up until about two years ago the only two hats I'd ever worn were iridescent swimming hats and the cotton white ones with a neck flap that most children wore in primary school- neither, as you may guess, were at my full discretion. But along came 2010 - Florence Welch made the fedora way more than a Boy George trademark, I braved heading to school in a faux fur Cossack hat (I salute you, past Liv) and soon you could search ASOS for a whole range of wide-brimmed bad boys. Heck, even Alexa even wears them, and according to the holy grail of fashion- once the Chung has done it, all others are ok to follow suit. So, having included a hat in most outfits since, I bring you a concise guide to how to be 'a hat person'- no swimming caps included.

Don’t always feel obliged to follow trends

Although I tend to stick to a safe neutral fedora when I channel my inner hat lady, but the current trend for all things 90s means that baseball caps, bucket hats and everything in between are also totally in style. But fear not - you might be a babe who looks totally smokin' in a bucket hat a la Cleopatra  - but if you aren't, then move on. There are plenty more hat styles in the sea.

Try not to worry about hat etiquette

I’ve been known to not always take my hat off for lunch (‘it’s part of my look ok?’), which, I think, most of the time- is socially acceptable. Just be aware that wearing a wide brimmed hat on the tube during rush hour/at the cinema/during a gig ain’t always the wisest idea- so be considerate- no one wants to try and see through a UFO sized hair accessory if they don’t have to.

Olivia Purvis - How To Be A Hat Person

Try different things on

You’d be amazed at the number of people who say they ‘don’t suit’ hats, only to discover they just hadn't found the right style for them. Okay so you may look like Pete Doherty circa 2007 in a trilby, and certain proportions may make things a little bit Jamiroquai up in here, but try some different shapes to suit your face shape and style too. Boaters, bowlers, beanies and berets are just the tip of the iceberg?

It’s all about proportions

If I’m going for a wide-brimmed hat on top, I like to try and balance things out with the rest of my outfit- proportions are important. Be it a loose blouse with skinnies, or some flared jeans to match the top half of the outfit, keeping things shapely and flowing with what’s going on on top, is half of the battle won.

Olivia Purvis - How To Be A Hat Person

Be weather savvy

There are only a few weather conditions that perfectly cater to hat wearing- and wind isn’t one of them. Unless you’re prepared to have one hand glued to your head (and your trainers on to run after it when it inevitably blows down the street), then save the hat for sunny, calm days- or even rainy days- as these things are the perfect cover up for a bad barnet - who needs dry shampoo?

Wear it with confidence

Finally, without getting all Gok-wan on yo’ asses, it’s important to know when to properly rock da hat. Remember ladies, an old proverb (or something) once said, you wear the hat- don't let the hat wear you. Which is why it's all about confidence. 

Olivia Purvis - How To Be A Hat Person

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