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How to wear a mini skirt when the thought terrifies you

How To Wear A Mini Skirt When The Thought Terrifies You

The Debrief: Mini skirts don't have to be scary - here's how...

You look amazing in a mini. You totally, 100% look fantastic with your legs out. And maybe you do sort of want to try one out, but the thought makes you feel a bit anxious. Well now, the time to try it because a) it's sunny and b) did we mention what amazing legs you've got? So, if you've psyched yourself up to flash some mid to upper level thigh area this weekend, here are some entry-level outft ideas to try to get you started... 


How to wear a mini skirt Asos Astrid

Get your hands on a suede skirt like Astrid's now, and it'll see you through the rest of the year. A perfect reason to invest!

How to wear a mini skirt Maria Pizzeria

 If you're heading to a festival this summer, why not dress down a mini with a slogan tee and khaki bomber?  Now you can finally ditch the denim shorts you found in a vintage sale three years ago.


How to wear a mini skirt Holly Jone S

Fearful of teeny tiny bodycon styles? Try out silky, voluminous layers for a softer look.


How to wear a mini skirt Willamazing

If you're used to wearing midi or maxi skirts, add length to your mini by opting for fringed styles like this one, £30, Missguided.


How to wear a mini skirt Charlie May

For those that usually live in black, summer dressing can be daunting. Try out a simple mini skirt in white or cool grey. Way more weather appropes'.


How to wear a mini skirt Emily Cocklin

If you're still tentative about mini skirts, try wearing a co-ordinating top to create the illusion of a dress.




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