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Changing Room Selfies How To Wear Cycling Shorts In Real Life

We Show You How To Wear Cycling Shorts In Real Life

The Debrief: A la Kim Kardashian

Thus is the way of fashun that, every so often we stumble upon a trend that makes you think ‘lol. There is not a chance in hell that that ensemble would be worn in real life, but cool’. Kim Kardashian West a setter of such trends and oh the time I’ve spent wondering what it’d be like to have her wardrobe, have to walk in those heels every day and let Kanye West dress me a few times a week. 

One such KKW approved trend is the bike short. She resurrected those bad boys from the eighties and nineties about a year ago and low and behold, we spotted them on the catwalk this fashion season just past. But, pre-tell, can cycling shorts work on a body that isn’t descended from the Kardashians? And more importantly, how the fuck do you style it without having to invest in a V-neck buttoned up corset and fur sliders, a la Kim? Well, we gave it a go and funnily enough, it worked out. 

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1. See through err thang

Warehouse, Rainbow Mix Shape Earring, £12; ASOS, Sheer Crinkle Blouse With Poet Sleeves, £34; Boohoo, Cleo Sheer Mesh Knee Length Leggins, £5 

Believe it or not, this entire outfit is semi-see-though. Minus the sock boots of course. The netted cycling shorts are surprisingly comfortable and cover a lot more of your bum than one would anticipate netted cycling shorts to do. The baggy, sheer, pleated, puffy top is a welcome distraction from the dramatic of the shorts as there’s so much going on there as well. And, for the record, this is the only occasion I’ve ever been okay with dressing head to toe in pea green. 

2. Peek-a-belly

Warehouse, Rainbow Mix Shape Earring, £12Kitri, Verdy Poet Sleeve Shirt Dress, £85; http://www.boohoo.com/hannah-high-shine-cycling-shorts/DZZ39923.html ASOS, Pinata Platform Heels, £33.50

The level of office appropriateness really depends on the type of office you work in, and while I personally wouldn’t rock up to work with all of my under-boob exposed, I’m super into this low key way of smartening up cycling shorts which are otherwise very plain and very casual. We’re all about the sleeve drama here.  

3. Fur to make ya purr 

Warehouse, Rainbow Mix Shape Earring, £12Finery, Alberta Shearling Peacoat, £749; Boohoo, Hannah High Shine Cycling Shorts, £6ASOS, Kingship Heeled Over The Knee Boots, £50

If someone told you they were going out in thigh high boots and cycling shorts, you’d be forgiven for being confused. But as soon as you through a too-cute-for-words faux fur coat into the mix, how could you not be sold? Also, probably one of the few ways that anyone with an active sense of temperature would be willing to leave the house in cycling shorts at this time of year.  

4. Bike to bar

Finery, Belson Twirl Mis-Match Earring, £22Rixo, Cindy Dress, £265; Boohoo, Cara Long Sleeve Bardot Crop Top, £8ASOS, Disco Legging Shorts, £6;  Whistles, Koki Lizard Trainer, £120

I hear from my exercise prone friends that cycling shorts are normally worn for actual cycling. Who’d have thought? If you’re that way inclined, an easy way to dial down the ‘I JUST WORKED OUT’ look might be to super causally throw on a beaut kimono. You know, to distract from the luminous Lycra. 

5. Is this how people do smasual? 

 Finery, Belson Twirl Mis-Match Earring, £22Rixo, Blossom Top, £185ASOS, Tall Basic Leggings Shorts, £6ASOS, Pinata Platform Heels, £33.50

Welcome to the most surprisingly low-key of all the cycle short ensembles. I’m a big fan of the pretty wrap-around shirt that does wonders at giving you a waist and has just enough detail to direct attention to your fabulous top game. It’s almost like you’re wearing inconspicuous, less gross version of those city shorts that everyone insisted on wearing in the early 00s. 

6. Kall me Kim

Whistles, Dusty Zip Front Shearling, £995Boohoo, Hannah High Shine Cycling Shorts, £6; Boohoo, Phoebe Lace Up Pointed Toe Shoe Boot, £35

Have you ever seen a boot that screams Kardashian louder than these gems? The answer is no, my friends, not on the feet of anyone whose first name does not begin with a K. They’re surprisingly comfortable and with the pink fur jacket of dreams add the appropriate amount of drama to your already dramatic cycle short ensemble. Kim, is that you?  

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