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The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

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The Debrief: How does the high street store fare?

What’s a girl to do when all of the shoulder-baring shapes suddenly come into fashion? As much as I like all the Bardot necklines, 70s cut-outs and microscopic straps on other people, I’ve never really felt like they’re the best thing for my bod. You see, I’m a bit of an unglamourous, upside-down triangle in terms of shape, making shopping a bit of a proportional guessing game.

Since I’ve been in the Post Office returns queue more times than I would like recently, I decided to take an IRL trip to H&M. I have so many happy memories there, buying cheap-as-chips dresses during holidays on the continent and queuing for designer collaborations at silly o’clock. Surely I’d find success?

You can always count on this Scandi giant for a few pick-me-up purchases. I headed to the Oxford Circus flagship and spotted at least 10 incarnations of every major trend.

The boho blouse of dreams

Just when I’d given up on the floaty-top-and-shorts combo, this one came along and wiped the floor with the lot of them. Just look at it! The key to this style is trial and error, I picked up three similar blouses, but this one works because of the flattering frill placement just below the waist. Combined with a pair of voluminous shorts, it gives the illusion of having more going on in the hip department plus Marant vibes for a lot less money.

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Blouse, £39.99

The crop that hides your bra straps

OK, so my shoulders are out and I’m not saying that they should always be hidden away. It’s all about your comfort levels really. I like a thicker strap because it means you can actually wear a bra and not one of those weird stick on numbers. Wear with a full skirt to fake an hourglass silhouette or use as a layering piece with a kimono for festivals. 

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Bustier, £14.99, Skirt (coming soon)

The textured number

I do love a boxy top. Sometimes I don’t mind playing up to the straight-up-and-down-ness of my shape and wearing one with a pair of jazzy trews. We’re so used to seeing a certain silhouette in the media and it’s important to celebrate the alternative. This one is a bit more interesting than usual thanks to the blocked lace and would look great with denim shorts too.

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Top & trousers (both coming soon)

The last-minute holiday purchase

Does anyone else look at the price straight away whenever they see something they like? With this dress being £7.99, I didn’t have to do that gif-worthy face that happens in far more expensive places. It’s the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe if you’ve spent your salary already and a cute skater shape that looks good on pretty much anyone.

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Dress, £7.99

The comfy playsuit

I see what you did there H&M, creating a playsuit in autumnal tones that you could still brave in early October if we’re treated to an Indian Summer (fingers crossed). This is handy if you’re getting bored of all the brights and typical florals, plus the slouchy shape means that you can adjust the waist to suit your proportions. 

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Playsuit, £14.99

The wear-with-anything top

Did someone say business in the front, party in the back? This top may look pretty unassuming on the hanger, but it’s a good basic to have with a non-scary slit at the back. It drapes nicely to a soft trapeze shape, so it’s a good option if you haven’t mastered the effortless, street-style tuck. 

The Best Stuff In H&M If You've Got Broad Shoulders

Top, £14.99, Skirt, £39.99 

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