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How To Make Your Own Triangle Lace Bra

How To DIY Your Own Triangle Lace Bra

The Debrief: A sassy lace bra can come cheap, you just need to do a bit of DIY

They say it’s what you’re wearing underneath that can make you feel oh so great in any outfit. So treat yourself by wearing something sexy just for you. Because you’re worth it. Or something like that. 

‘Upcycling’ an already made bra is so much easier than buying all the components; clasps, hooks and eyes etc etc. Frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here's how how to sex up one you already own.

How to make a lace triangle bra, Debrief DIY


1. Take a plain triangle bra that needs a lil’ jazzing up 

How to make a lace triangle bra, Debrief DIY

2. Cut out each ‘cup’ area with fabric scissors, cutting close to each seam (fabric scissors are sharp and precise, so will give a great finish). Do the same with the underarm section, so you have ‘cut out’ areas to fill with your choice of fabric

How to make a lace triangle bra, Debrief DIY

3. Here’s where you have oh-so much choice. We loved the idea of putting a simple lace trim, like this one from Ebay, or filling both cups with a solid black lace or polka dot tulle. We settled on a white sheer organza fabric, very luxurious looking without the price tag (half a metre will more than suffice for a triangle bra). 

4. Lay your choice of fabric on a flat surface, with the cut out bra on top. You don’t want to sew the fabric completely flat, to leave room for boobage (such a great word). So ‘pinch’ the fabric so that it gathers within each cup. Little pinch – little boobage, big pinch…you get the idea…

How to make a triangle lace bra, Debrief DIY

5. Pin along the remaining structure, to secure the fabric for sewing. On a sewing machine (or by hand) with the same coloured thread as your chosen bra, sew along the centre of each strap, in a straight line. If using a sewing machine, finish each line with a few backwards stitches, if hand sewing, knot and finish.

How to make a triangle lace bra, Debrief DIY

6. When all cut out areas have been sewn, turn the bra over, and using fabric scissors cut off the remaining fabric. You could leave it there, but we were feeling extra opulent and decided to add a floral lace applique embellishment to the cups. You can get these super cheap on eBay, and they really add a glamorous touch. 

How to make a triangle lace bra, Debrief DIY

7. Position your applique over the first cup (the lace we used was quite large, meaning it would cover both cups) position where you desire, pin to the side of each seam, and cut off any excess. You should be left with more than enough lace to repeat on the second cup. On your sewing machine (or by hand) sew over the lace into the seams on each side of the bra, until the applique is fully attached.

How to make a triangle lace bra, Debrief DIY

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir?  In this bra? Oui Oui.

How to make a triangle lace bra, Debrief DIY

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