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We Tried On Regular Sized Jeans That Tall Girls Can Get Away With

We Tried On Regular Sized Jeans That Tall Girls Can Get Away With

The Debrief: Because the high street isn’t always height friendly

Hands up if you avoid shopping for jeans unless you really, really have to? I feel you, pal. Especially because my legs are longer than high street average, which means while I may be able to reach that last box on a really high shelf, more often than not jeans look like knickerbockers on me. But, the positive to my peril is that over the years I’ve worked out which regular length jeans work just as well on slightly longer bodies. The trick is to be brave with shapes, embrace your ankles (and calves) and if all else fails, you’ve always got your trusty pair of black skinnies. 

‘If I Was Your Boyfriend’

MOTO Mid Blue Mom Jeans, £40, Topshop

There’s nothing more satisfying than an everyday pair of jeans that mould to your body shape with each wear. The hem cuts a bit higher on the calf than your standard pair of boyfriend jean,s but not so much so that they initiate pedal pusher flashbacks. Also, folded hems can also be unfolded you know.  

Orange You Glad To See Me 

Cropped Flare Jeans, £49, Warehouse

Straight leg jeans can be difficult and if too short can draw attention to all that bare ankle they don’t reach. But I bright colour paired with some high top trainers to bridge the gap between foot and hem evens everything out a bit. 

Join The Pink Party 

MOTO Pink Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans, £40, Topshop

Is it just us or does it feel like we’re looking at the world (Instagram) in rose (pink) coloured glasses? Viva millennial pink my friends. These cute ones have a nice amount of frayed hem and if you throw on a pair of your trusty heeled ankle boots, you can do that day-to-night thing that people with social lives like to do. 

Go Wide Or Go home

Super Wide Cut Jeans, £59, Warehouse

There’s always something your mate makes you take into the changing room even though you said you didn’t like it. Then you reluctantly try it on only to find that you’re actually really into it and low key can’t imagine wearing anything else. This was that item. A wide leg on a tall body works a treat. I am a flare person now.

Old Trusty Faithful

Black High Waisted Going Out Jeggings, £40, River Island 

Hi, old friend. It’s me, the biggest enthusiast of a pair of plain black skinny jeans out there… Truth be told, these are actually jeggings but they serve a similar, if not the same, purpose. Every purpose. Good lookin’ out skinnies. Good lookin’ out.  

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