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Here\\\\\\\'s How You Can Buy Stuff From Kenzo X H&M Already

Here's How You Can Buy Stuff From Kenzo X H&M Already

The Debrief: But only if you have a hidden stash of £££ lying around...

So we still have to wait until Thursday until KENZO X H&M is available in stores but some jammy wheeler dealers have already posted most of the collection on eBay. 

The only problem is, you probably can’t afford it. Because the joy of buying clothes made by some of the world’s greatest designers, at High Street prices, has been taken away from you by people hoping to cash in on the hype surrounding the collection. Boo.

And if you were hoping to bag yourself a bargain, you’re going to have to join that queue at midnight tomorrow because a KENZO X H&M dress will now set you back as much as an actual KENZO dress. We’re talking three figures. 

If you do have a spare few hundred quid lying around, here are a few of the things you could pick up on eBay on pre-order right now (although proceed with caution, it's not out until Thursday so who knows if you'll actually be able to get hold of any of it).  

This absolute dream of a pile lined pink leather coat…. is coming in at a mere £349.99.

Pile Coat

Or this lush reversible silk kimono/dressing gown//human sleeping bag that we’d never take off… all yours for £349.99.  Or if you don’t want to sacrifice next year’s holiday savings? These KENZO X H&M gloves are marginally more affordable (but a lot less useful, they don't double up as bedding) at £99.99… 

KENZO gloves

And last but not least don’t miss out on the KENZO X H&M patterned dress. £339.99 of colourful KENZO fun, £339.99 less likely to make rent next month. 

Or if you’re really, really desperate someone is actually selling a ticket to the pre-sale tomorrow night - for a casual £100. 


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