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Here's The Very Awesome Blogger Maria Pizzeria, Now Let's Dissect Her Look

The Debrief: Maria Pizzeria loves pizza as much as she loves fashion. So naturally we love her.

Meet Maria Pizzeria, the 23 year old blogger and PR wizard who we love just as much for her 90s kitsch style, as for the fact that she is obsessed with pizza. Food is the way to our hearts people. 

We can't get enough of this girl's instagram feed, which is full of cute fluffy things, trainers and anything that comes in pink. She even keeps a whole line-up of 90s Troll Dolls on top of her mirror. I mean, come on - how many bloggers give us that much 90s nostalgia in their shots? Qudos to you Maria. 

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Mostly we wanted Maria's look? So we asked her to break it down for us:

Toughen Up Pink  


'This is my fave look at the moment, where I team up a smart pink coat from YMC, a grey t-shirt from Feldt, a pair of heeled Cat boots, and my bike which means the world to me,' says Maria. 'I always dress comfortably, often wearing oversize tops and coats with tight jeans or leggings, and I love chunky industrial inspired shoes too.' 

My Hair Is A Chameleon


'I've had bleached and coloured hair for almost three years now - I would never had done it without Bleach London - but I think it's time for me to grow it back because I really miss my long black Asian thick hair. I've been spending way too any hours on deciding what would be my next hair sensation!' says Maria. 

Hunt Down Spice Girl Trainers


'I really love sneakers, I've always had a thing for everything sporty since I was a kid. Think a mix of baby spice and sporty spice - that's me,' explains Maria. 'My latest addition are these amazing vintage Nike Tn's that were really hard to hunt down, they're the perfect balance of sporty and girly.' 


Let 90s Film Icons Guide You


'Tennis wear has always been one of my favorite things, and this is one of my favourite ever scenes ever in movie history - Cher and Di in Clueless sports kit,' says Maria.

Pay Hommage To 90s Popstars 


'Aaliyah, Baby Spice and Sporty Spice are all my home girls. I love their power attitude and their impact on the world during the 90's,' says Maria. 'They showed how it is to be a strong woman in a very over sexualised industry.' 

Listen To Your Mates


'Arvida Bystrom, the queen of pastel dressing, is one of my mates and has been my true inspiration for many many years,' says Maria. 'She made me believe in my own taste and showed the importance of being brave and just do things that are right for you.' 

Find Inspiration From Your Food


'I am inspired by everything around me. This Japanese bottle reflects my Asian blood - it has a functional design with a cute touch. I love getting my inspiration from edible things, too.'

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