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Here's A Way To Get A Pleated Prada Skirt For £151.49

The Debrief: Today's Craving

We've seen a lot of collaborations in our time. But none that come with such a charitable footnote as Shopbop's new Born Free collection, where 100 per cent of the proceeds are going to help prevent the spread of mother-to-child HIV transmission at birth – or that boasts such an impressive roster of designers on board. Household names such as Isabel Marant, Prada, Chloé, Céline, Marni, Victoria Beckham, DvF, Stella McCartney and even Gisele Bundchen have co-designed spring pieces with Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu. With nothing costing over £250 – and the charitable designs actually being really, really good – it's a win win for all. 


Our top picks are the Isabel Marant Blouse, £117.48, the Ivanka Trump (yup) Cover Up, £84.09, and the Prada Pleated Skirt, £151.49 – which comes in mini version, too. One thing we do know is that this midi skirt definitely won't go the way of previous collaborative purchases. (Yep, we're talking about you, Madonna, for H&M fingerless gloves.) 

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