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Here's 18 Pairs Of Awesome Socks That Will Basically Change Your Life

The Debrief: Meet our money saving way to get a whole new outfit when you're skint

Photographed by Joe Wilson

What with all that Xmas present buying malarkey, and the fact that we have no idea when we actually get paid in December, it can be hard to have the spare cash to buy new clothes over Christmas. But that doesn't mean our urges go. If you need to satisfy the shopping demons, then we reckon your best bet is to buy some socks. Yes, socks.

You might not think they're exciting, but ohhh boy you're wrong. The high street has turned its attention to our ankles, offering an unfathomable amount of options that will update any outfit you've already got, and make you feel like you have new stuff.

Check out our faves here:

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Photographed by Joe Wilson

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