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Here Are Some Foolproof Ways To Look Fierce In 2015 By Simply Adding A Belt To Your Look

The Debrief: Belts are big news for 2015, here's how they can pull together your look

Absolutely broke? And still desperate for a style boost to make you feel a bit less rubbish? No need to go on a whole haul for new stuff you can't afford - just buy yourself a belt. Or dig out one you already own, if you've actually reached tins of tomato pasta shapes levels of broke. The belt is back - over knitwear, coats and scarves - and is a super cheap way of rejigging your usual look with minimal effort.  

Check out our best belt inspo from Instagram, and let these girls show you how you've underestimated the power of belting up. 

Try A Skinnie Minnie


If you pick a super slender belt then you can pretty much add it to any outfit without breaking up the flow - we love the tucked in and out effect of this cardi and skirt combo from The Debrief's very own former fashion ed @pinsykes. This cherry brown shade feels on trend for our seventies obsession this season, but you could always try a snakeskin print version if you're wanting to keep to neutral colours. 

Belt Up A Duvet Coat


If you told me that a massive duvet coat would look good with a tiny plaited belt around it, I would raise an eyebrow. But here is the proof! If you've bought into the faux fur coat cult, buy a skinny belt and whizz it around your middle to give it a new lease of life. 

Belt Down Your Scarf


At first look, you might think this is a waistcoat, but it's just a bit of savvy belting going on here ladies. Get yourself a printed scarf, slip a belt around your middle and you're good to go. If you're feeling really crazy - do the double belt, one above the other, in two different shades. 

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Tie Your Trench Up 


It used to be about tieing your trench coat belt in a bow behind you like the Parisians do, but now we're forward facing. Big love for the shoe bows that echo the belt in this outfit, but if you're not into feminine flourishes, remove the belt on your trench and replace with a wide leather one. 

Be Bold With Your Buckle


This matte leather look is made all the cooler by the utilitarian vibe of the rough gold belt buckle. You can pick up buckles on their own on eBay for buttons, and add to a plain belt you already own. 

Blue belt, £8, Topshop, glitter belt, £170, Miu Miu at, black belt, £19.99, Zara, tan belt, £12.99, New Look

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