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Seven Clever Things To Say About The Henry Holland Show

The Debrief: Henry's AW15 collection has just hit the runway and we're all over it

The Henry Holland show is always a personal fave of The Debrief, not just because we get to see the smiling, cheeky chappy himself sprinting the length of the catwalk at the end. But because there’s more than your average catwalk show going on at HH.

Models don’t just stomp down the runway, looking miserable, and wearing unrelatable clothes for grown-ups that we could never afford. Or particularly want to afford, at that.

No siree, at Henry’s show, there’s always a pinch of imagination. A twinkle in the eye. Something clever that we aren’t expecting, that makes us go ‘Boom! That’s our guy.’ And then smile, applaud, and quickly check our bank balance to see how much of it we can buy immediately (the answer is generally not much, but the intent is always there).

Anyhow enough of us. Here’s your cheat sheet to the show. Like CliffsNotes to fashion, should you want to impress/pretend you were there:

1. On the runway

‘Yep, I totally knew the runway was a conveyor belt. Totally. And so did everyone else. Totally. I mean we’re paid to be observant about these things. I loved it when the models zoomed past, didn’t you?’ 

2. On the collection 

‘He really nailed that urban urchin vibe. The mix of clothes towed that line between uptown gal with a badass trustafarian background and girls just like the rest of us. And that’s exactly why the models wore full-length Mongolian fluff with rubber boots, and hazard stripes on their party dresses. Obviously.’

Henry Holland AW15

3. On the rucksacks

‘Most designers these days just add a black leather rucksack to their looks, and it’s so lazy and predictable. Not Henry. His bags had ‘sack’ in neon pink ghoulish letters. They were so – if you pardon me being crass – Ghostbusters.’

4. On the manicures

‘When you’ve got all that tartan and mad Mongolian chevron fluff going on, it might be tempting to leave nails completely bare, but Henry’s flick of navy chevron to sheer polish was so chic, don’t you agree?’

5. On the scarves

‘Generally, scarves aren’t cool, nor fashion, and certainly not sexy. But Henry’s cross of a cravat, tie, and the Prada skinny scarf made me want to hide my neck immediately. It takes the whole rollneck trend to the next level.’

Henry Holland AW15

6. On the shoes

‘Henry is known for his front-row celebrities, and tonight was no different – Alexa, Pixie, Caroline and the other Pixie were all there, in the type of quirky stilettos you can wear if you have a driver. The truth is, those girls don’t always wear hellish heels, they’re far more likely to be papped out and about wearing flat, boyish, brogues that help to push their off-duty vibe. Enter Henry – from loafers to ankle boots, all the shoes were in black, all with the same two-inch rubber platform. Genius.’

7. On the soundtrack

‘I’d been wondering who had the rights to Mark Ronson’s song of the century, and, of course, it was Henry who cracked out Uptown Funk for his show finale. Course it was.’

And there you have it. Your Henry vocab. Sorted. We heart you, Henry. 

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