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Heading Home This Easter Tonight? This Packing Guide Will Remove All The Hassle

Heading Home For Easter Tonight? This Packing Guide Will Remove All The Hassle

The Debrief: Packing a bikini, two left shoes and every makeup product you own is not the way forward here guys

The good thing about Bank Holidays is that you get a four-day weekend. The bad bit is that moment on Thursday when you realise you've decided to hot-foot it back to your parent's house but have no idea what to take with you. So here's how to pack enough stuff for four days, but without taking a massive suitcase, but also without ending up with one sock, one pair of pants and no toothbrush to last the weekend. Disclaimer, this doesn't mean you'll instantly become one of those weirdly efficient people who vaccum packs and labels everything. We have realistic expectations here. 

Start With What You're Wearing To Work On Thursday

If you do this right, then you can wear a whole outfit of stuff that can be re-used in part over the course of your weekend. We're not saying that you're going to rock up to work wearing four jumpers and trousers over tights (although we've definitely done that) but you can think through what you wear on the last day of work so that you have more room in your case. Anything bulky, put it on on Thursday. And try to wear more relaxed separates that you can dress down with trainers when you get home, even if that's a co-ord suit - you can wear the trousers with a slouchy knit on Saturday if you go shopping with your mum, and the jacket over a loose T shirt and your boyfriend jeans for lunch on Sunday. 

Pack By Colour

Things will be much easier if you don't take things home in all colours of the rainbow. Pick one base colour, like black or navy, and make most of the stuff you take home that colour, then you can just throw in a couple of bright things, like a bag, or bandana. Now is not the time to start playing Pantone roulette. 

Either Roll, Or Sandwich

Either do the rolling thing. But it does takes ages. Or lie everything totally flat. This wafer thin sandwiching method is equally effective, and generally things are less creased when you drag them out. There are also those who believe in the 'multi-roll' where you lie three T shirts flat on top of each other, and roll all three together - this saves rolling time.  

Pick One Shoe That Does Three Things

Try and do a rough mental sketch of the activities you're factoring in this weekend - long shopping trip? Country walk? Posh family lunch? Ideally you're going to own a pair of all singing all dancing multi tasking flats that you can wear for everything, but realistically you're probably going to need more than one pair of shoes. Wear the heaviest ones to travel home in (your flat ankle boots are probably the best choice) and then pack the other pair at the bottom of your case, and make sure you stuff socks into them to save extra space. 

Check The Weather Forecast And Don't Pretend It's Not True

You might like to think you're heading off to Monaco for the weekend, but you're probs not. If you're staying in the UK then don't delude yourself - it probably won't be warm, and it probably will rain. Make sure you're prepared with plenty of layers, trousers that don't have rips in them, and a warm jumper for when you have to walk to the bottom of your garden for a fag. I mean...err... to take the dog for a walk.  

Do Some Counting

Packing maths is very simple. One pair of pyjamas. The correct number of pants, per day, plus one extra (you might just fancy having a midday bath and want clean ones, ok?) as well as the right number of socks. I reckon it's good to have different thickness socks too - some thin ones for every day and some thick ones in case you're dragged out on one of those 'it will do you some good' walks.  

Add One Fashion Cool Thing

Because you will probably end up with your old mates from home in the pub, and want to feel like you have one thing that hints at the fabulous succesful life you're now living. Even if you're not. 

Now for some beauty tips from our resident beauty expert Chemmie... 

Decant Your Beauty Stuff

Empty travel pots and bottles are your BFFs when it comes to travelling light. Stock up on sets like this one from Amazon or check out Primark because they always sell them around holiday season. Then get decanting - face cream in the small pot, body lotion in the bottles… you know the drill. Sadly some products just don’t lend themselves to decanting (spray deodorant for one) so raid the minis section in your local Boots for the essentials. I know it’s difficult, but try to resist buying 72 minis, no matter how broody they make you.

Keep It Basic

Seems obvious, but keep it basic guys! No, you’re not going to end up wearing that acid green eyeliner this weekend - you haven’t worn it for the last 2 years. Stick to your go-to make-up bits and experiment when you get back (we both know you still won’t).

Think About Investing In A Palette

If you do travel a lot it’s probably worth thinking about investing in a palette to lighten your make-up load. These Sleek MakeUP palettes have eyeshadows and blushers in one small case and come in two shades. They're also amazingly pigmented and only cost £10 so there's basically no excuse not to get one.

There Will Be Stuff Where You're Going

Remember, your childhood home is not a barren wasteland and there will be stuff you can use there; toothpaste for a start. And if you're not fussy about shampoo and conditioner, nabbing your Mum's will do for the weekend. And she presumably also shaves/washes her face/uses deoderant. So relax. 

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