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H&M Has Featured It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s First Muslim Model Wearing A Hijab

H&M Has Featured Its First Muslim Model Wearing A Hijab

The Debrief: It's part of their 'Close the Loop' recycling initiative.

23-year-old model Mariah Idrissi is the first hijab wearer to feature in a H&M campaign video. Mariah, who is of Pakistani and Moroccan heritage and lives in London, began wearing a hijab when she was 17 and was approached earlier this year by the retailer to take part in their 'Close the Loop' recycling iniative.

Speaking in an interview with Fusion, Mariah addressed the importance of appearing in a campaign video of the second largest retailer (second only to Zara); 'It always feels like women who wear a hijab are ignored when it comes to fashion.'

Speaking of the shoot, which both her parents consented to, she described how H&M were respectful to her religion, limiting male interaction as well as providing her with a private dressing area. She launched her own Moroccan-inspired beauty salon in London called Salon Marrakesh, which specialises in henna, Moroccan massages and even has Halal nail polish. 

Through their Close the Loop recycling initiative, H&M aims to reduce waste and use textiles from old clothes to create new yarns used in their products, by encouraging consumers to give them unwanted clothes. Apparently recycling just one T-shirt can save 2,100 litres of water.

The video features, amongst others, Iggy Pop, plus-size model Tess Holliday and an amputee model, and focuses on the idea that there are no rules in fashion, accept one: Recycle your clothes.

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