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Got Boobs, You Can Totally Wear This Season\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Trends

Got Big Boobs? Here's How To Wear All This Summer's Trends

The Debrief: They're sort of just part of our bodies... not really a trend

When you think of high-end fashion and super-fashionable celebrities, you don’t tend to visualise large chests. There’s a whole set of rules that you’re supposed to abide by when you have boobs, and those rules don’t take trends into account.  

‘Don’t wear anything with a high neck’, ‘Never wear horizontal stripes’, ‘Wear patterns on your lower half to balance out a large chest’ – an entire series of dos and don’ts; because heaven forbid that anyone should notice you have a large chest. 

But celebs like Kate Upton, Lara Stone, Katherine Heigl, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn are slowly but surely bringing boobs back into the fashion world and making us feel like it’s OK to show cleavage and accentuate our busts. And what with mega-bright prints and horizontal stripes being on trend for SS15, there has never been a better time to chuck those rule books out the window and dress your top half how you want to.

If you’ve got boobs, you can totally wear this season’s trends. Here's how: 


Bust-friendly brand Pepperberry seem to be all about those horizontal stripes and patterns right now – busting the myth that they’re a big no-no on a big chest. They carry a large range of tops and dresses that are designed with extra boob room in mind and they don’t scrimp on patterns and lower necklines. They have loads of great summer dresses in their range, perfect for the warm weather without strangling your bust.

Barely There Straps

People assume that if you have big boobs you need to stick to gaffer tape-sized straps. But if you check out Pinup Girl Clothing, you’ll find thin straps, crossover straps and fitted plunging styles that will work when you’ve got big boobs. 

As a large busted girl, I have been able to fit into most of their dresses, and they even have links to different styles that suit and accommodate different body shapes. Anything goes with PUG – it’s a brand that lets you indulge your inner girly girl and there’s no worry about your size or shape because everything makes everyone look glorious.

The Plunging Neckline

If you’ve got boobs, you can’t just whack on a bit of sticky tape and hope for the best like A-cuppers do, but you can wear low-cut things. If you want to flatter a larger figure and bust but still show a hint of cleavage then my own brand Lady Voluptuous will help you out. I’ve designed clothes that have the stretch and room to accommodate a bigger chest, but that also nip you in at the waist to emphasise your shape. I personally believe that a generous portion of cleavage is never a bad thing.

Cropped Tops

There are certain summer items like cropped tops and floaty dresses that can look daunting for the bigger busted, but you just need to throw the boob rules out of the window. With cropped tops, wear with a high-waisted skirt that has a bit of flare to it – check out ASOS for some great choices, because they tell you how things fit (true to size, etc) and they offer free delivery and returns, so you can keep what works and send back what doesn’t. 

I guess there are some women who live and die by the large bust rules and that’s OK. There are some who mix it up a little and still like to flatter their bust and body, but on their terms. And then there are those who defiantly dress in whatever the hell they want. High-necked buttoned up shirts, loose dresses and every other big boob fashion crime you can think of. And *shock horror* all three ways are fine.

Striped cropped top, £20, River Island; dress, £50, Lady Vintage; scoop vest, £6, Topshop; striped T shirt, £16, off the shoulder top; £29.99, Zara, shell yeah top, £16, Asos 

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