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'Florals for Spring, Groundbreaking'

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The Debrief: They don't have to be twee, honest...

Florals tend to mean one of two things to lots of people - fancy dress, or granny-dom. But don't be so disparaging - you can wear florals and look damn cool. Let these insta-babes show you how. 

Go Minimal

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


This floral sprig print is only just about there. It's basically an LBD. No freaky florals gobbling up your body. Find a tiny, wallflower design and you won't feel like you're wearing a table cloth. 

Wear Your Tea Dress With Some Mad Flats

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


Whatever you do, if you're looking for a laid-back, casj version of wearing florals, that isn't all summer prom dress inspired, then you're going to want to steer clear of girly shoes. Pick a pair of monk shoes, brogues or loafers that will toughen up a flowery dress. 

Hunt Down Some Vintage

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


Vintage accessories tend to complement florals pretty darn well, and you can mix up old, retro fabrics really easily.  Layer up different floral prints, mixing old and new, to get an interesting mix. 

Co-ord Florals

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


This is a simple one. Wear florals on your top and bottom half. It's bold, but it looks modern and not kitsch. And then match yourself to your best mates, if you're really dedicated. 

Pick A Sixties Palette

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


Clashing seventies and sixties colours feel really fresh for this summer, especially if you can wear them via really graphic floral prints. Pair with plenty of white, too. 

Love Lace

how to wear florals styling tips from instagram


Your flowers don't have to be printed - try channelling petals through texture, rather than colour. Lace and crochet will let you get the same floral effect but without wearing something multi-coloured and loud. 

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