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Britney Spears Defining 2002 In Crossroads 

Flashback Friday To Britney Spears Defining 2002 In Crossroads 

The Debrief: When Britney Jeans Spears was 'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' and she wore the hell out of a bucket hat

Bear with me, let’s all travel back in time. The year is 2002, Destiny’s Child is still together, and you can get away with boot-cut jeans, a bandana and hoop earrings without judgement. After successfully graduating from Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Jean Spears was ready for her next venture: the big screen. Namely, a career-defining road trip movie called Crossroads. As an unapologetic Britney fan, I feel disloyal discussing any aspect of this film that doesn't involve her, but the movie had a mega-watt cast, including Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Dan Akroyd, Jamie Lynn Spears (as baby Britz) and Kim Cattrall. Also, worth noting, the screenplay was written than none other than Grey’s Anatomy’s Shona Rhimes. Mix a bit of Shonda, a splash of Saldana and a Spears-sung soundtrack together, and you get the makings of one of a classic piece of cinema history. Let’s take a look.

Spaghetti Straps, We Miss You

What one wardrobe staple defined the early noughties? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s too obvious. Spaghetti strap tops. Everyone had one, even Justin Timberlake’s beau at the time. 

Let’s Talk About Blue Eyeshadow

What goes best with a bold, turquoise eyeshadow? Lip gloss, durr.

Yes, Britney Is Wearing A Bucket Hat

Rihanna may have ironically reintroduced our wardrobes to the bucket hat in recent times, but that won’t stop us stanning for Britney in her Burberry check trimmed headwear. This was the age before high school movies featured 30-year-olds dressed in designer garms, this is Britney being all of us at age 18 (AKA dorkier than we’d like to admit).

Bandanas AND Hoops 

In 2002 there was no way you didn't own a pair of hoops and at some point thought a bandana was the multitasking accessory than your wardrobe needed. But, things have moved on, and we’ve learnt the error fo our ways. But, wait, have we? Taryn Manning’s giving us serious food for thought for bad hair days right now.

Crimp Your Hair Like You Just Don’t Care


The scene: After a barely legal Mimi (Taryn Manning) has a nervy b on stage her best friend and valedictorian with a penchant for hard math, Lucy (Britney) takes hold of the mic and wows the crowd with a poptastic cover of I Love Rock’n’Roll. The moment is unforgettable, not least because of Britney’s crimped hair and Zoe Saldana’s lion handkerchief top.

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