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We Try On All The Best Festival Outfits On ASOS

We Try On All The Best Festival Outfits On ASOS

The Debrief: If you pack for the sun, there will be sun, right?

Festival season is nearly upon us which means striking the exact balance between cool, practical and lightweight clothing which is no mean feat. If I'm honest with you, this article probably isn't going to help much on the practical front because in my head, if you pack for the sun, there will be sun. In my experience, this has about a 62% success rate.

But you know what, rain at a festival is basically inconsequential (unless your tent gets washed away, no one's coming back from that) because all you need is a decent pac-a-mac and the rest will take care of itself.

So without further ado, here's some festival outfit inspo with the help of the ASOS Summer Shop and their Festival Threads edit.

1. The Skirt/Jumper Combo

It's warm, it's cloudy, it's warm again. Classic, UK. Layering your outfit with a jumper like this grey tassel one means you're prepared even if it suddenly gets cold. I paired it with a much more exciting, bright skirt with slits to offset the grey and give some extra breeze. 

Skirt, £25; Jumper, £32; Jelly Sandals, £12.

2. The classic festival get-up

I mean, if a burgundy coloured smock dress and fedora don't shout festival I don't know what does, but if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? Also love the flared sleeves, and I am not a flared sleeve kinda girl.

Dress, £45; Boots, £40; Fedora, £20.

3. The 'it's sunny and I know it' look

If you're wearing this, it's hot. Like, properly hot. Chances are you're at Benicàssim or Hideout if you've got this on because you're more than 63% sure the sun's going to stick around. 

Crochet top, £26; Denim skirt, £25; Jelly Sandals, £12.

4. The babygro

I won't lie, I felt like a big baby in this. But you know what babies are? Comfy, that's what. You might think playsuits are a no no at a festival but this was sufficiently loose that you can totally deal with it, but I'd definitely recommend sizing down as it comes up big.

Playsuit, £32;  Boots, £40.

5. The parka

A coat is an essential at a UK festival, more specifically, a parka is an essential. This one's perfect because it's not lined so it's not too warm and not too heavy to lug around the site, but it'll take the edge off when the breeze picks up.

Parka, £50.

6. The slip dress

Literally 'I woke up like this' because not only do you like you just crawled out bed, you actually just did. Last night's smudgy make-up only adds to the look.

Slip dress, £25; Boots, £40.

7. The pac-a-mac

A bonus outfit because what festival is complete without a handy pac-a-mac you can carry around in your pocket? Button it right up to the top for extra festival points.

Mac, £18.

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