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 9 Fashionable Non-Fashion Films To Watch This Weekend

9 Fashionable Non-Fashion Films To Watch This Weekend

The Debrief: If you start on Friday night you could 100% finish these in one weekend

If you started on Friday night, you could 100% fit all of these into one weekend, even if you took breaks to drink milk and bleach your hair and search for yellow leather jackets on ebay. Which you will. Go with it. 

1. Barbarella

Picture the scene: 41st century astronaut Jane Fonda is assigned a mission by the President of Earth, and sets off to save the world wearing thigh-high silver boots and a killer selection of bodysuits. Seriously, the costumes are amazing – though Fonda ends up undressed a lot of the time, as does most of the cast – quite racy, really. 

2. Leon

Here are some things that pre-teen Natalie Portman has that I want. A perfect bob. An orange crochet beanie. A choker. An original flight jacket. Phenomenal sock game.

3. Paris, Texas

Is she wearing that angora fluffy pink jumper backwards? Or is it supposed to be like that? 

4. Grey Gardens

Have you ever considered that you might be wearing clothes wrong? Well, you are. Little Edie will talk you through it – she has a visionary approach to layering, and tights in particular.

5. True Romance

Patricia Arquette will make you want to wear leopard print and miniskirts and kitsch sunglasses and it will be wonderful. To be honest, I’m even buying into Christian Slater’s eyepatch – quite debonair, actually.

6. Labyrinth

I mean, David Bowie. The man kills it, even with a heavily feathered ‘do and wearing what can only be described as a poet’s blouse. Jennifer Connolly takes it so '80s that there’s actually a waistcoat involved. 

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Movie

I can’t be the only person who has seen this. It has everything you could possibly want in a film, truly, including a really really amazing yellow leather jacket and a lot of varsity preppiness. 

8. Pretty much any Winona Ryder film, excluding Little Women. 

There are so many Winonas on offer here. 90s Grunge Reality Bites Winona? Angst-ridden Girl Interrupted Winona? Teen-Goth Beetlejuice Winona? Blonde Edward Scissorhands Winona? So many Winonas, so little time.

9. Buffalo ‘66

Vintage Christina Ricci, involving the most unapologetic use of blue eyeshadow that I’ve ever seen, and some very red boots courtesy of Vincent Gallo.

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