Charlie Gowans-Eglinton | Fashion Editor | Friday, 22 April 2016

Fashion Deconstructed: On Billie Piper Circa Because We Want To (And Before Chris Evans)

Fashion Deconstructed: On Billie Piper Circa Because We Want To

The Debrief: Because really, why wouldn't we want to play that song so loud?

This week in fashion corner, I will be deconstructing the bold stylings of one Billie Piper, voice of a generation (sort of for a little minute) and generally likeable type. 

1. If ever a hairdo called for the old chopstick-in-the-hair trick, this is it. A missed opportunity there, but let’s seek solace in what is quite a Rachel from friends barnet, and that choppy side fringe. 

2. I’m skipping over the eyebrows (if only the tweezers had, too) to focus on that peachy metallic lip – or should that be ‘lotus’ by Natural Collection, yours for £1.99.

3. Sportswear is having a moment, or even a series of moments, at the moment. The athleisure obsession has yet to reach high-vis cycling gear, but it may only be a matter of time. This makes me want to rewatch Bend It Like Beckham for some reason. 

So there we have it, kids, Billie’s look deconstructed. Check back next Friday for more fun in Fashion Corner.

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