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Where To Eat And Drink In Soho, London

Where To Eat And Drink In Soho, London

The Debrief: London Fashion Week is finally moving to the West End

After who knows how many years of hosting London Fashion Week, Somerset House is free of its bi-annual flood of bloggers, fashion editors, crazed paps and ticket hungry students. London Fashion Week has found a new home, a much more sensible home, in London's West End. The Brewer Street car park, which has already been used for some shows in previous seasons, is now going to be the official location for fashion week, hosting the main tent shows. 

So if you're a regular spy on the fashion week crowd, you're going to need a new list of places to hit up to get your fill of street style and fashionable goings-on. 

Here's our list of the Soho spots to check out come September. Or if you're just in the middle of London, don't give a toss about fashion, and want some cool places to hang out in. 

For Caffine: The Coffee Joint

If you're looking for one of the six cups of coffee required to get through one day of LFW, then you're going to want to head to Nude Espresso. They grind their own beans out in Brick Lane and then whizz 'em over to the middle of town, and we're pretty sure they're the tastiest ones going. Start perfecting the six adjectives (hot, dry, wet...) that you need to put before your latte order so that it sounds suitably pretentious. 

For Fashion Juice: Aka Champagne

Bob Bob Ricard has buttons at each table that you can press so that someone brings you champagne. You don't get much more fash-on than that. We're certain that the Alexas of the world will be dipping in and poking those buttons until the early hours.  

For Instagram: Delish Ice Cream

If you want an Instagram foodie shot like no other, head to Gelupo, where flavours like liquorice & caramel and rhubarb crumble ice cream can be stacked up into delicious cones. It's all the real deal - Italian produce and freshly made.   

For Anti-Fashion: Drinking Hole

If you get sick of the glamour of the whole shebang, then head to bar Garlic & Shots for a smack down to reality. Expect super friendly staff, cheap wine, an ace beer garden, and food that tastes exclusively of garlic. In a great way. 

For Awesome Health: Veggie Food

Finding veggie food at fashion week can be tricky, but now there's Mildreds on our doorstep, veggies will go hungry no more. Expect amazing sweet potato fries, and the best organic brownies on the block. 

For Fashion Lit: A Hidden Bookstore

Claire de Rouen is a super charming little haunt where you can pick up obscure and unusual fashion and photography books. Either buy one to plonk on your coffee table, or just head in to have a good flick through - you can while away half an hour between shows when you're street style stalking the fash-pack. 

For Cool Dinners: On A Grill

Check out The Blacklock - where you can dig into good ol' fashioned chops, cooked over charcoal. A good place to find food that looks like actual food, when everywhere else is offering mousse/reductions/juices.  

For The End: When It's All Over

When you've had enough of anything and everything stylish on the last day of fashion week, then stumble over to the Coach and Horses pub, where they run a piano singalong night on Wednesdays. Who cares what you look like - go and belt out your best power ballad.     

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