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We Want Drew Barrymore’s 90s Wardrobe Now And Always

We Want Drew Barrymore’s 90s Wardrobe Now And Always

The Debrief: What Gertie wore next

We need to talk about Drew Barrymore. More specifically, how she was the best dressed celebrity of the 90s and pulled off basically every look EVER, which we're going to remind you of through the medium of photography. Enjoy and start planning your 2017 wardrobe around these babies. 

1. Hell For Leather

Attending a screening of Longtime Companion in LA with Balthazar Getty, Drew looks how we want to look most days, except we end up appearing try-hard and she’s just oh-so-effortless. Some girls have all the luck.

2. Fanny Packs FTW

Especially fanny packs covered in expletives, like Drew’s here. She’s also the best wearer of a waistcoat we’ve ever seen.

3. California Casual

Seriously, the Levi’s and Converse combo is a classic we never want to go away.

4. How To Make A Cardi Cool

And not even the slightest bit preppy.

5. Head To Toe Fabulous

You’re totally fixated on her hair, but LOOK AT THE SHOES! Also, Drew smoked a lot in the 90s, didn’t she? *Googles ‘does Drew Barrymore still smoke’*

6. Oh Mickey, What A Pity (JK, This Is Epic)

Accessory and denim game so strong.

7. All White On The Night

‘The night’ being the 1993 Billboard Music Awards. Like, nobody ever looks this cool anymore, do they?

8. AnD-REW-ogyny

See what we did there? Drew showed off her messy ’do and shrunken sweater at the premiere of Tommy Boy in LA.

9. Sassier Than The Sassy Girl Emoji

Babydoll dress x Mary Janes = so much love for this look.

10. Crazy For Them Daisies

The 12th annual MTV VMAs got a Gothic upgrade thanks to Drew’s caped black dress and the daisies in her hair that became something of a signature for a while. Time to bring them back?

11. Colour Chameleon

Seriously, Drew can pull off alllll of the hair colours, plus this very jazzy jacket. Not jealous at all.

12. Carol Brady, Is That You?

It was all about the flicks for The Wedding Singer premiere. Flicks and flowers.

13. You Scream, I Scream… This Was Taken At The Scream Premiere And Now We Don’t Know Where We’re Going With The Pun

Great chevrons though, Drew.

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