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DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

The Debrief: Make yourself a furry little friend...

The trend for a faux fur clutch has been around for a few seasons now, and they don't show any sign of going out of style any time soon.

This season, designers seem to have shifted from using one solid colour to mixing furs. House of Holland and faux fur brand Shrimps are a fan of the multi-coloured fur trend, and it's not just reserved for accessories, Proenza Schouler's Resort Show featured an incredible mixed fur coat that's now top of our wishlist.

This DIY is a simple way to give a new lease of life to an old clutch. It’d be easy peasy to cover a bag in one fur fabric,  but we thought we’d give the three coloured clutch a go…

You’ll need

A bag in need of sorting out. We updated our black ASOS roll top clutch 

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

Faux Fur fabric:

This is one of the occasions were eBay/online isn’t cheapest for supplies. We hunted the internet for cheap fur fabric, but found our local fabric shop was best, as you don’t need to buy full metre of each fabric. At our local shop, we bought three cuts of 50 cm x 50 cm pieces in three different colours, which was more than enough to cover our bag, for just £9. So get Google-ing your local fabric shop ASAP!

All purpose glue

Fabric Scissors 

Paper and a pen

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

How to

1. On a large piece of paper, ideally A3 (or sellotape a few bits of A4 together) lay your bag flat and trace around both the front and back with a pen. If you can, put markers where any shapes occur, for example on our bag there are two V shaped sections; this will give you a better idea of where to arrange our fabric cut outs later. This will give you a template of your bag.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

2. Decide the type of pattern you would like the faux fur to have, we went with a camo style, you could simply draw some freestyle shapes, or follow a specific pattern like we did.

3. We Googled and printed an A4 image of a camo print, to look at as we drew our shapes, if art really isn’t your thing, you could trace the pattern completely.

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4. We drew our pattern, taking inspiration from the camo print, try to plot out where you’d like your three colours to go, e.g. not having the same colour touching the neighbouring section. You can mark the shapes Blue, Light Grey and Dark Grey to help you remember.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

5. Once we were happy with our pattern on both the front and back of the bag, we laid another piece of paper over our templates and traced these, so we had another copy of our plans.

6. We used the new traced piece to be our pattern guides for cutting out, we found it helped to have one original plan of the bag to look at, in case you forget where your shapes go once you’ve cut them out!

7. Cut out all your shapes for the front and back of the bag, and if possible position back into the shape of the bag, so you don’t lose your place.

8. Lay your first piece of cut out camo section over your piece of faux fur fabric and cut around it with fabric scissors. Cut a little bigger than the template, just to make sure there’s enough fabric to cover any joins, you can always overlap this with the next section when you glue it down.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

9. If you are using your own pattern, follow the same instructions, cutting out and tracing your own shapes onto the fabric.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

10. Once you’ve cut your section out, lay back on the bag’s template where it’s going to be glued.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

11. Carefully glue each fur section down, pressing lightly.

12. Don’t worry if you can’t follow the pattern 100%, it’s just a guide. We tweaked our pattern as we went. And if you need to add in any little bits of faux fur to cover any gaps, that’s fine too!

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

13. When it comes to the side sections, it’s best to use bigger pieces of fabric, or even if yours are small, ensure they are glued around the sides, hold in place with your hands for a few seconds to make sure the pieces are firmly stuck.

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

14. To make the bag look extra neat, we finished off the inside edges with straight top fabric cut outs, so that when the bag is open it looks as great as from the outside!

DIY Your Own Faux Fur Clutch

15.  Be careful not to place fabric over the magnetic fastening or zip - depending on which one your bag has. 

16. When it came to gluing the back of the clutch, we overlapped our cut outs to go over or fit around any pieces that had been glued around from the front.

17. At this point we went back over our clutch, just checking all the faux fur was glued down and adding any extra glue where needed.

18. We then popped our clutch under a heavy book for half an hour just to ensure the fabric sticks firmly. 

Finito! You’re now the proud owner of a clutch that’s gunna have everybody asking where you bought it, and make them super impressed when you tell them you made it. Plus, anything that’ll keep your hands a bit warmer on these freeeeezing winter nights is a bonus for us.

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