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DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

DIY Your Own Dior-Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

The Debrief: Hey - remember your childhood obsession with flower pressing? Now's the time to do something actually useful with it

Ahh badges, how we used to collect them from teen magazine’s of old and attach them proudly to our pencil cases and backpacks. They went off the radar for a few years,  then they made a surprise appearance at the 2014 Dior Hommes menswear show and now they're back in fashion. Also BiF: another of our favourite teen past times, flower pressing (we were v cool teenagers, as you can gather).

Flower Badges: Dior Homme AW14

We loved the Dior boy’s pin badges on their blazers, and couldn’t wait to revive all our mad skillz of the 90s once again with a DIY.

Take a jacket of your choice - we used a vintage suede number, very on trend don’t you know.

We got this super easy badge maker from Hobbycraft, I say easy as it’s aimed at five year olds, but seriously, no fussy badge making device here, we may be older, but we're still pretty lazy. 

Collect some small flowers and leaves. If you pick a few lone weed flowers from the side of the road whilst walking your dog it’s definitely not stealing. Definitely not. Never.

DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

Lay these out on a flat surface, and place between two heavy books (the memories are flooding back now guys) and leave for a good 30 mins.

DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

As per the badge makers instructions, cut out the white paper circle as a background for your flowers, and open up the back, separating the ‘glass’ and pin part.

DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

Place a collection of flowers in the ‘glass’ part of each badge. Pop the ‘pin’ section back on, and fasten in place. 

DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

Revamp your jacket and tell everyone ‘It’s Dior, darling.’

DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges
DIY Dior Inspired Pressed Flower Badges

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