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9 Disney Princess Gowns You Didn’t Properly Appreciate As A Child

9 Disney Princess Gowns You Didn’t Properly Appreciate As A Child

The Debrief: With age comes wisdom (and envy)

The first time you watch a Disney cartoon you’re probably a small child, let’s guess six or under, and while you have the emotional intelligence to gauge how life-altering Disney is, did you have the sartorial savviness to take in the clothes? Maybe you did, but as a five-year-old it bypassed me. I was so swept up in the music and magic that I barely noticed the breathtaking dresses. Sacrilege, I know. But, I’m not ashamed to say, I’ve rewatched the classics, and now I know just how seriously fabulous, camp and over-the-top the princesses’ daily uniforms were. Here is my definitive ranking of Disney’s greatest gowns from meh to mesmerizing: 

1. Jasmine’s Crop Top

Harem pants had their moment and Jas’ was definitely their icon. 

2. Mulan’s Pashmina

Stop the press, was Mulan set in 1998 or is she not wearing a pashmina?

3. Cruella De Vil As Pure Evil Incarnate

We gettit Cruella is bad news, but to really drive the message home Disney dressed her in ermine fur (gross!), gave her sloppy make-up and a stinky sizzling cigarette. Genius. 

4. Cinderella’s Veil

Yeah, that’s a nice wedding dress, but how many times have you seen a veil elevated by Bluebirds?

5. Snow White’s Sleeves

Am I the only one who thinks there is something a little Mimi Wade about this?

6. Beauty & The Beast’s Ballgown

Before Emma Stone’s yellow La La Land Dress there was Belle’s ballgown. I’m sure this cupcake dress was formative for more designers than would care to admit cough Giambattista Valli. 

7. Pocahontas Found Her Light

I appreciate a model who can find their light, but I worry Pocahontas’ accessories may be weighing her down. 

8. All Hail The 1980s 

Did Ariel add Princess Diana’s wedding dress to her Pinterest board?

9. Herculean Draping

Move over Hercules, son of God, for this Grecian draping is as close to heaven as you can get. And, that hair, what volume! Envious? yes.

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