Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | Tuesday, 7 April 2015

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Destiny's Child Could Be Planning A Reunion Tour So Here's All Their Hideously Amazing Outfits From Back In The Day

The Debrief: Prepare yourself for some seriously questionable matchy-matchy courtesy of Tina Knowles' sewing machine...

If you missed Destiny's Child reuniting over the Easter weekend for a one-off performance at the Stella Gospel Music Awards, then you missed something big, people. Fans are hopeful that this means we might get a new album and tour out of the Bugaboo babes. Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly performed Michelle's song Say Yes, and they didn't disappoint on the outfit front, either.

In good old Destiny's Child style, the three of them matched their outfits, riffing on the white jackets and jeans theme. Which got us excited about all the other amazing so bad they're good matchy-matchy outfits that they've worn over the years. Check them out. 

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