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Clothes To Sneak Into your Mum's Trolley When She's Doing The Big Christmas Food Shop

The Debrief: Supermarket fashion is super cool now, even Mr Lagerfeld thinks so. Here are the bits you will want your mum to buy you at Christmas while she picks up the turkey

One of the perks of going home for Christmas is that you get to go food shopping with your mum and throw whatever you like into the trolley. Mostly Maltesers and expensive parma ham you can't afford. But with the modern age, came the arrival of clothes in supermarkets, so now you can throw those in too. Genius. 

We've rounded up the hero pieces in a supermarket sweep so you can persuade your mum where she should be doing the big shop this year. Our tip would be aim low, start with something small, and then use your best persuasion skills to convince her that you really do need that coat/jumper/jeans to keep you warm/safe/happy.

Here are the best bits:

A Sequinned Tee That Vibes Off Marc Jacobs


T shirt, £27.50, Marks & Spencer

This won't be the easiest one to convince your mum on, there really are few ways we can spin a sequinned tee shirt as something you 'need', so tell her you absolutely love it and please can it be added into part of your Christmas present. That one wins every time. 

A Knit That Is Actually Designer


Jumper, £16, George at Asda

Graduate Fashion Week has paired up with George at Asda to produce a range of cool knitwear, like this colour block sweater. It's super practical, and you're getting a designer bargain. 

The On-Trend Anya Hindmarch-esque Jean


Jeans, £39.50, Marks & Spencer

It's all about the patch right now, and these skinnies from M&S are a great way to wear the trend for under £50. Especially when it's not your £50. 

The Block Heel Boots That Could Basically Be Acne


Boots, £12, F&F at Tesco

Boots for £12. Need we say more? They're £12. Come on. We've never seen such a fashiony boot for less than the cost of your turkey. And those chunky heels will basically last forever before they wear out. 

A Faux Fur Coat That's Leopard Print. Nuff Said. 


Coat, £39, available in store, Florence & Fred at Tesco

If you've been umming and arring over whether you can afford to buy a faux fur coat, now is your opportunity. This leopard print version from Tesco feels just as luxe as other high street styles, and costs less than £40. 

 The Sherling Coat, Cause Sherling Is Key For 2015


Jacket, £35, available in store, Tu at Sainsburys

This faux leather jacket is a real bargain - we love the navy fur, and how sturdy it feels. Tell your mum you will wear it on every night out for the rest of the year. To be fair, you probably will. 

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