Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Friday, 3 November 2017

Christmas Rompers Are The New Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Rompers Are The New Christmas Jumpers

The Debrief: Move over Christmas jumpers - Christmas rompers are the new ironic Christmas outfit du jour

Remember rompers (or maybe you are trying hard not to)? The meme of the summer? The big fashion yay or nay. Where clothing diversity extended to men being able to wear girls’ playsuits? Well, it seems they aren’t only here for the warm months but the colder ones too.

Enter Christmas rompers. Yep. I'm serious.

They’re a thing now whether we like it or not thanks for Florida-based brand Get on Fleek, who, anticipating the average millennial's love of ironic Christmas merchandise, may have hit on something. 


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With a range of items to chose from, both Christmas and Hannakuh themed, you know it's only a matter of time before the Christmas romper becomes the ironic holiday gift of choice (assuming you have a  spare $139.99 to spend, that is).





So is this the end of the embarassing and ubiqutous Christmas jumper? Whether yours was lovingly knitted for you by your nan, or a last minute Primark purchase because you'd forgotten everyone on your team had decided to wear one for charity and you didn't want to be left out, they're as much a part of Christmas now as overpriced mulled wine and office hangovers. A moment of silence please for the millions of forgotten Christmas jumpers that will be lying in the  back of the our wardrobes forever more.



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