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Five Things We're Reminiscing About Thanks To The Super Nostalgic Burberry Show

The Debrief: Anyone else remember having mirrored discs in their clothes?

The Burberry show opened this afternoon to a murmur of confusion - who WAS the girl tossing her hair as she crooned and played guitar? After we worked out that it was singer songwriter Claire McGuire, who had gone as far as writing a song especially for the show (kudos), we could focus on the clothes themselves, happy that we had answered the annual 'who is singing at Burberry' conundrum. As the looks started pouring out, we started slipping back in time - to those days of Alanis Morissette in all her fringed suede and boho glory was our absolute hero. Oh how ironic...

So here are our five favourite things from the Burberry show that remind us of back in the day, and that you're going to want to wear again. Right now.

Mirrored Discs On Our Clothes


When I was about ten I had an amazing T shirt and matching jeans that had mirrored discs around the hem, fixed in with bright blue embroidery, that I used to wear with Sketchers trainers and a sequined choker around my neck. And I felt the bomb. You're going to want anything with shiny discs in it - ideally a boho looking dress, or if you're going the whole hog, a cape. 

Fringing On Everything 


Fringing was big this autumn/winter but it's definitely still on the cards for aw15. Burberry have upped the ante with fringed coats, capes and shoes, all in suede. 

Carpet Fabrics


Thick carpet looking coats were big when I was a kid too, they almost had a bit of a Chinese vibe to them, but Burberry went for a very English looking rug look for its outerwear - you're aiming for something that looks like it could have been rolled up from Downton Abbey. 

Peasant Dresses


The floor length boho dresses in patchwork prints with lacey trimmings made us desperate for summer to finally get here, despite it being a winter collection. The highstreet will be making these in droves during the summer, and once winter rolls around you can throw a baggy jumper over the top. 



The camouflage over the knee boots at today's show were something to behold -  remember when a camouflage T shirt, bell bottom jeans and a Baby G watch was the ultimate look? Well this was that, only a whole lot more sophis. If you're lucky then someone on the high street might make a camo pair of over the knees, otherwise you're going to have to lust after these babies from afar. 

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