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5 Extremely ’90s Moments From Britney Spear’s You Drive Me Crazy Video

5 Extremely ’90s Moments From Britney Spear’s You Drive Me Crazy Video

The Debrief: Remember when Melissa Joan Hart made a cameo?

The year was 1999, and Britney Spears was desperate to do anything she could to shake off her good girl image. Just a few months earlier butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but now she’s got more crop tops than Topshop’s festival edit, and she’s taken a tong to her hair (because everyone knows good girls don’t have beach babe waves) and her whole psyche has changed. Though her video may have signalled the dawn of a new Spears era at the time, in the 18 years (f*$%!) since it’s debut it’s become an emblem of the ‘90s. On a scale with Spice World the movie and Tony Blair’s ascent to office, the video is a moment frozen in history. 

1. Evidence One: Melissa Joan Hart Made A Cameo

In 1999 snagging a cameo from Sabrina The Teenage Witch was like bagging time with a Hadid sister. Impossible, covetable and worth its value in physical gold. Melissa Joan Hart was the girl next door, the blonde, bubbly squeaky clean teenager that your parents would like you to be friends with, and here she was gyrating with Britney in a crop top and flirting with a make-believe DJ. 

2. Evidence Two: Britney’s Metallic Crop Top

Deceptively like something Taylor Swift might wear with a high waist skirt, this metallic crop top was wild for Brits. It was also a knowing nod to high fashion. In 1994 Gianni Versace dressed a gang of supermodels (inc. Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer) in metallic mini skirts. It was iconic and so was Britney’s. 

3. Evidence Three: The Coordinated Dance Moves

Once a Disney Club girl, always a Disney girl. Proof: a cafeteria full of coordinated dancers. Disney was peeking in the ‘90s as it released more movies that decade than any previous ones and they are, in MHO, the best they ever made (e.g. The Jungle Book, Hercules, Flubber, Mulan, The Parent Trap, Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast). So, here was Britney paying dues to her heritage in the most Disney way possible. 

4. Evidence Four: The Chair Dance

Name a 90s pop band who didn't use a chair as a prop. You can’t, can you? A seat, preferably one the dancer barely sat on, instead swivelled around or lazed across, was a signifier of success. It marked that they had made it into pop’s big leagues. Think: Save The Last Dance meets Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me video and you’re half way there. 

5. Evidence Five: The Make-Up

The 1990s gave us grunge make-up and rave hair, but what they also landed us with was an obsession with lip gloss. Lip smacking, sparkly, hair-sticking lip gloss. What’s more ‘90s than that?

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